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Anyone catch a glimpse of

Saw this big giant of a man last night on a late night show. He fights in Japan and is trying to get a fight here in the States with Tyson. The guy is IMMENSE. Not fat. Huge and muscular. Anyone got stats on this guy?

Do you mean Bob Sapp?

Well I was looking at a couple sites, and they list him from 350-374lbs between 6’3"-6’7" if I remember correctly. One site says that he deadlifts with 800+ pounds for doubles and triples, and another claims he benches 300kg or 660lbs! Also says his chest is 60 point something inches, bicep 25.5 inches," and can run the 100m in a little over ll seconds

Yup he’s kinda big I guess.




You are right on point bro. Stats sound very true to what I saw. The guy hardly fit in one of the “regular” chairs on the show. He said he didn’t make the NFL nor the WCW. WTF?!?!?!

now when you listed the stats and poundages you had me. but you completley lost me with the 11 second 100. no fucking way!

He did make the NFL, he was part of the Vikings for 5 years.

Why did he leave the NFL? Looks like he’d be quite a threat.

Yes, thats Bob THE BEAST Sapp. He is huge here in Japan, very popular. He started in PRIDE fighting and now does K-1. He is good at both, but really relies on getting a big punch in early on. He actually lost to an arm bar last year in a Pride fight against a Brazilian fighter, and has been knocked out a time or two in K1 i think.
He is a physical phenomenon and also a very likeable guy who is media savvy and knows how to promote himself (he is household name here, in every major TV commercial). He is a better promoter than a fighter some would say, hence his recent trend towards spectacle fights like the New Years Eve bout against the 500-pound former sumo wrestler Akebono, and now maybe Tyson. He was disqualified from competing in this years K1 championships after laying a devastating late hit on his last opponent (though the guy was finished anyway I would say).

He was on tv here and did 500x5 on the bench press with a narrow grip with no apparent effort. Amazingly strong, and yes he has visible abs although his gut is a bit bloated. He truly is the closest thing to the incredible hulk, I think he looks awesome.

He had some football career troubles, but he makes plenty of money doing this. K1 and Pride are huge events here, the stadiums sell out for these every time.

He really is a nice guy, in his fight against Akebono, you could see he carried the fight a bit so as not to disgrace Akebono too bad, he let Akebono demonstrate his strength by pushing him back against the ropes a couple of times before Sapp downed him humanely with a few quick shots. Also Sapp showed real concern when Akebono was unconcious, he was first one over there making sure he was ok.

Anyway can he beat Tyson? Well it depends on the rules of the fight. If its kickboxing and Sapp can work the legs Tyson is screwed, but if its boxing, Sapp has no real skill. He would be the strongest opponent Tyson ever faced though. Anyway, Sapp is a great guy and I hope he knocks Tyson the fuck out. Also Sapp is new to this stuff, any fights he has lost were because of inexperience, and now he is improving a lot. He beat K1 champ Ernesto Hoost twice so maybe…


No denying he’s a specimen. The dude is fucking huge. I saw one interview with him and he did have a funny personality, but…

I’ve seen him fight maybe 2 or 3 times, and he blew dog every time. He’s got no chin at all, and his conditioning was a joke. I think even if it were MMA/kickboxing rules, Tyson would knock his big ass out before he even had a chance to work on his legs.

In K-1 Tyson would KILL Sapp, very very quickly. Sapp is huge, but he can’t punch for shit. Obviously he hits hard because he’s strong as hell, but not as hard as he should be at all.

MMA-rules I say Sapp wins if Tyson doesn’t acquire significant skill in this game.


He’s 6’ 3"

As someone said, he was a lineman with the Minnesota Vikings for a few years. The morning radio show I listen to is hosted by a guy who was playing back then and trained with/hazed all of the linemen. He said that Sapp was huge back then and he really didn’t get messed with too much because he was too big.

As I understand it, he won something like the Pac-10 lineman of the year. Football didn’t really take off for him because he couldn’t get his technique down. I think it was that he had problems with lateral movement and possibly reading defenses. After dropping out he began lifting and decided to go over to Japan for K-1 training. Now he’s made more money than he would have if he would have continued his NFL career.