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Anyone buy a car from over seas?

i was wondering if anyone has every bought a car from outside the states? i found a 2003 M3 i’m very interested in and the seller advertised the car as being in cali. the story i got was that he bought it in cali but then moved with family to europe, took the car with him but it is to expensive on import duties for him to keep it so he want’s to sell it back here. he is willing to pay to have it shipped back so i can check it out. from the email i think he got as far as registering it. will i have to pay some funky taxes or fee’s for bringing it back?

I have a Toyota, I think it is Japanese.

But anyway, sounds like a scam to me. Do you know this guy?

But I tend to be a little paranoid in the first place.

nope, don’t know him. i emailed back saying i will open an escrow acount so he can verify the cash is in place then i’ll transefer it if im happy with it. he suggested western union.lol

He has to pay the import duties when he claims the car in Europe. If he doesn’t, he can’t get the car. He can’t ship the car back without paying them. Once they are paid, there are no more import duties, i.e., they are not annual taxes. Sounds like a bit of a scam to me. Also, never buy a car from Nigeria. :slight_smile:

Avoids, well i’m not sure if he did register it there or not. this is what he said
“I brought the car here with me with the intention of driving it but when I found out about the very high holland import duties I have made up my mind and decided to sell the vehicle back to the USA.”

he gave me the vin# with a link to carfax. i entered it and it said there are 4 records found. i haven’t paid for the reports yet. he says he is the original owner and its never been wrecked. i can’t imagin what the reports are about.

Probably just my paranoia. He could be phishing with the link to carfax. It might be a bogus site set up to mimic the original carfax website and steal your credit card number. I would type the carfax web address in the browser as opposed to clicking on a link that an unknown guy with a fishy sounding great deal on a car halfway around the world. Just my advice, take it for what it’s worth.

Get the VIN and if you want I can pull and Experian report on it for you. Is the same as the CARFAX but a little more detailed. I won’t be able to do it till Thursday though when I get back to work.

muslhd thanks bro here it is. VIN (WBSBL93443JR23415)

TCB yeah i know it does sound fishy. but a friend my dad works with saw an add in the paper for a at the time was a new porsche for 800 bucks. figured it was a typo but called anyways, turned out it was a lady going thru a divorce and she sold her husbands car she bought him for 800 just to piss him off.lol this is no where near that cheap though

Hey, that’s my VIN number!

you tryin to scam me?lol

the only thing i buy from foreign countries is gear and hookers!

Well it is a sharp looking car. The car, at least, appears to be legit. Carfax also turned up 4 reports for me, so disregard my previous paranoia about phishing and credit card fraud.

Best of luck on it. I would hate to see a fellow t-man get hosed for $25k.

It’s a scam.

By the way, you can buy an M3 in the U.S. Go to autotrader.com and search for a used one.

probably is, no reply to my email yet.lol
he advertised it here, then hit me with the overseas crap in an email. im really looking for a silver 2001 M3 convert. the body is a lil different.

I have some good relationships with a few highline wholesalers.
I also have one that does a lot of business with Passport BMW in MD.
Let me know if you want some help on finding your car. The market on those is going to be softer (better for you) right now due to it being winter and 4x4 SUV’s and trucks are bringing all the money right now.
Also let me know if you still want that Experian auto check report and I’ll pull it and fax it to you.
Peace bro.