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Anyone Blast with Orals Only?

Hey gents,

I’m on TRT at 250mg x1 week, 500iu HCG 2x a week, Adex 0.5mg x3 week. This protocol has taken time to get my test levels just right.

Blood work is all good. Levels all good.

I’ve blasted at 500mg 2x a week for 12 weeks. Great results. However, I’d like to not have to deal with needles. While I do have a doc that is willing to sell them there’s still a legal risk. Steroids themselves aren’t illegal here. Just needles.

Therefore, I’d like to stay with my current TRT protocol and add an oral. I have no experience with orals just injectables.

Been maintaining for 3 months at 90 kgs, 12%bf. Now it’s time to start my cut. I’d like to drop to 6-7% bf by the beginning of July.

Intermittent fasting while in keto (I’m no longer suffering from the keto flu).
Current macro breakdown that works for me (And has in the past):
2000 calories
60% fat: MCT oil, Olive oil, sesame oil, avocados
35% protein: Chicken (mostly), beef (when affordable) mackerel
5% carbs: Some from the avocado, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, broccoli.

My diet is boring but it works.

5 day split
Starting with 20 minutes cardio (Increase cardio as weight loss stalls) I’ve got a rowing machine in my living room so cardio 2x a day is also possible when it comes time.
Off days I do functional training and sometimes go to a CrossFit box for cardio. Girls with thick legs is my best reason for going to CrossFit.

That said, if there’s no real good recommendation I’ll just stick with what I do know. I have Albuterol and keto on hand. And then I’ll just tell on my diet and training.

@baka I know you’re in Japan so maybe you know a little more about what we have and don’t have available to us. I’ve thought of just buying my Test from the doctor but that doctor isn’t the one that has given me the needles so it’s a pain.

ETA: On MK677. This has helped clear up skin issues, rashes, that I normally get. It has also helped with recovery as my sleep is deep.

Given your circumstances I’d say you can incorporate any of a number of orals into a blast. What do you have access to? I’d say winstrol or tbol will be your best choices if you’re looking to cut. But if your diet and training are good—and they certainly look like they are—then you could cut on pretty much anything.

Orals I have easy access to winny and var. Almost any oral, really. I was thinking of winny at 50mg ed for 8 weeks.

I tend to find that orals are quick to show some results but they don’t tend to last. With that being said, high dose anavar is crazy.

On a side note, have you had your cholesterol checked on that diet? High fat diets are extremely unhealthy no matter what the latest doctor or science study claims.


@iron_yuppie yes my cholesterol is always in check. I’ve never had an issue with high fat diets and cholesterol. Keto is my preferred method of leaning out as it satiates me and I don’t get cravings. When carb cycling, I tend to get more cravings.

Only oral Anabolic here is Primo and my doc gives me a "90“ day supply of 360 5mg tablets. I take 10 in the morning and 10 more about an hour before hitting the gym as a PWO (it might be psychological or placebo, but it does give me a kick).

When I’m done with my 360, I refill.

I’ve done quite a few 360x2 runs but have done one 360x3 with about the same results so it really wasn’t worth the extra 6000 yen.

Other than that, I love the trestolone PH for strength and dbol for size.

My TRT is, and has been, 500mg/week for a year+. I get brain fog at anything less.


Does he prescribed it as part of your TRT protocol. If yes, that means I can get it as part of mine. If no, then another doc will but I need to know the protocol for getting primo.

That said, when you get your prescription, is it 12000 yen for 3 months? And what dose are you taking daily?

Would you recommend primo over winny or anavar? I don’t want to mega dose Anavar as that would be too pricey. But Winny is cheap.

Never had winny or var to compare but did have an oral PH of tbol which was harsh af on the liver (got physically ill stacking it with 24mg albuterol and the trestolone PH).

I’d prefer a 100mg primo run over that stack again as it’s not as harsh so the gains come, but slower, because I’m not falling ill where I can’t keep food down.

And no, he’s not prescribing it for TRT as I’m very open with him. He’d prefer me to get treated (tested and routine checkups) and get it prescribed over order online and pop random substances. I doubt you’ll find a doc like that soon, but with hunting, it’s possible.

My first 250mg shot is covered under the 70/30 health insurance so it’s 700 yen whereas the second isn’t and is 1500 yen. Add in the asin at about 6000 a month and my TRT is about 15,000 a month. If I blast with primo it’s about 22,000 yen, more if I get a script of clen or albuterol (preferred) too.

Where I get my script for TRT and where I get my script for Albuterol and Keto are different docs. The non-TRT doc just asks what I need and what for. Albuterol is for exercise induced asthma, keto is for skin allergies.

What would you say primo is for, if looking for a script?
And do you get your primo in 1 month supply or 3 months? I know it depends on the meds.

I was offered by my TRT doc to do injections at home but that I would not have that part covered by insurance. I said I would like to have a box at home in case I can’t make it to the clinic. The clinic is a 5 minute walk from home though. I can’t remember what he said it would cost but that getting the 250mg amps would be cheaper. Still … needles. Completely different doc supplies them but I haven’t been in a year and a half.

@synonymous Is your profile picture/avatar Malebolgia from Spawn?

Jesus Christ dude, have you gotten an echocardiogram?

Damn, I wanna live in Japan now… 500mg/wk + primo!!! I’d run like 150-175mg cruise and blast 300mg, stockpile the rest.

Btw mestanolone and epitiostanol are also marketed in Japan.

I get everything done when it’s this cheap. I pay like $60 for a full checkup. Arteries are fine and everything in check. I do have a heart murmur, but that’s pre-TRT and am fully aware I can pop off at any moment. But I wouldn’t trade living another single day feeling as good as I do now for 40 years of feeling like absolute shit again; I’m living life to the fullest.

Epi was Japanese but is no longer marketed, but is sold as a PH now. Mestanolone was used as TRT until about 1.5 years ago and the tablets were discontinued (primo 100mg IM about 6 months after that). I used to kick it up a notch with mestanolone before it was pulled and also added 200mg primo IM to my TRT as I did see an immune effect (didn’t get sick) as they use it for HIV patients–it might’ve been placebo, but, no more on the market.

We only have test E and 5mg primo tabs for human consumption now. Edit: Sorry, there’s test P too I believe but it’s only 25mg per 100mL vial which would be an expensive af run at $15 a vial.

I’m hitting up a vet soon to see if my dog can get some roids too. I believe there are 3 others (off the top of my head I can’t name them) that my “dog” can get bulky from.

I don’t know. I’ve had this avatar forever. Can’t remember where I got it from

@baka I got myself a script for Primo but just 20mg a day. Had to have an X-ray of my hands done and I’m having it prescribed for osteoporosis. Looks like it will be a couple of months of saving before I can do a full Primo cycle, but that’s fine as I can get winny and do that first and save the Primo for later. 20mg x 30 days was less than 10 dollars. Now I get my Albuterol, Keto and Primo from the same doctor. Gotta love this country

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Do you have osteoporosis? How old are you?

Are you androgen deficient? Hyperthyroid? Joint/muscle conditions such as Ehlers danlos or severe joint hypermobility? Just concerned because osteoporosis is no joke.

What’s the winny for? Animals or do you have hereditary angiodema (and if you have this, there’s better treatments on the market nowadays), and the dose of winny would be low, like 5mg/day.

I’m actually getting livestock on the farm I live on… I think clearly we need tons of HGP (hormonal growth products, typically esterified estrogens, progesterone, testosterone or trenbolone acetate) for the… Animals.

The horse stables nearby might actually stock boldenone, ethylestrenol, methandriol, nandrolone and stanozolol, I’ve always wondered about it, but never cared enough (and still don’t care enough and never will) to ever find out.

If you’re going to blast with non injectable forms of AAS on a regular basis I’d make an effort to avoid consistently using c17-aa anabolics due to the risks involved. Options include non AAS without any alteration (be it methylation, ethylation etc) at the C-17 position, so oral primo

Otherwise if anabolics are actually legal in you’re country, acquiring raws and making transdermal solutions, troches or similar formulatioms could be an alternative.

It’s going to take a 5 month stockpile at that rate for a decent cycle! After 2 months see if you can double or triple up. My explanation of having an American body with a higher tolerance to medicines (such as Japanese pain treatment of 50mg ibuprofen vs ours [military] of 800mg) usually did the trick with anything, such as getting “extra strength” cough syrup if in too much pain.

@baka I asked about the max allowed as far as insurance allows and it’s 20mg. Anything over that and insurance won’t cover it. That said, I have a plan in place to perhaps get him to prescribe it without insurance as it seems cheap enough.

I’m gonna do a Test E and Winny blast this time and I’ll try Primo next time. Then I’ll have something to compare it to.

Insurance only covers it cause you have a diagnosis. If I walked in and asked for 20mg, I could get it too. But the pricing of getting diagnosed to potential monthly follow ups to check progress (remember, the refill and doctor visit to get it counts) is negligible in comparison to just picking up 360 tablets at once. You can get a 3 month supply (max, I think, of 20mg x day x 3 months) to save some money.

But, like 3888 yen for 360 tablets plus the dr visit is 4000ish yen, plus, no need to stock up.

Just looked. It’s 10.80 yen per tablet with 100%. You’re getting a month supply at 30% for 388 yen plus the doc visit so presumably around 1000 yen total.

I’m saving more money (possibly) by getting more in one go and paying 100%.