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Anyone Been to Tijuana?

Going to San Diego the whale’s vagina in a few weeks for business. I know TJ is right there. Instead of going home thinking of hitting TJ to see what’s up… Maybe catch a nice Donkey show & drink a bottle of Tequila hit the red light area. However I’m solo so generally not worried but some say TJ is rough… Im a big guy and far from a pussy. Just wondering if any of u Bros kicked it in TJ b4.

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mexicotravelawareness check it out, its a website.

TJ is sketchy. I know multiple people who have ended up in the jail there for no reason other than to be extorted for cash.

Been, couple of guys that were staying in Newport beach with me went down to see a show while I was living out in SoCo. Went off without a hitch. I assume it would depend on the type of activities you get into and the crowd you associate with. Not to mention your demeanor.

I grew up in San Diego. Went the Tijuana many times.

No way I’d go right now. As @anon10035199 said, it’s not about your ability to defend yourself from locals: it’s about being safe from cartels and cops. Juice isn’t worth the squeeze.


I use to go all the time when I was younger, my dad was born there, so we didn’t really have much to worry about. (they can tell if your a straight tourist, don’t belong, and will target you)

However, things have changed.

Last time I went was in 07, right after I came back from deployment. It was all good because about half of our group spoke Spanish and were straight up Mexicans.

But my dad, will no longer go to mexico. Ever he says. And that says a lot from someone who was born and raised there.

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Well might get a bro to go with… Been to Cancun and cities around it b4 & Cuba a few times. Yea I was thinking just enjoy the night clubs & strip clubs maybe pay the extra $$ for VIP…so people don’t bug us… my bro speaks Spanish

I used to go when I was between the ages of 18-21 occasionally. We’d drive down from Orange County, stay there most of the night, and drive home in the wee hours of the morning. It was fun (yet sketchy) at that time. I remember once one of my friends woke up naked on the beach, and had no idea how he got there. Lucky that was all that happened to him.

Now? I of course would have zero interest in going. Also, I imagine it’s changed quite a bit in the years between my last visit and today. Depends on your idea of a good time, but I’d rather much hang out at the bars in San Diego than TJ.

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Be very careful. TJ is not what it used to be. I’ve lived in SoCal my whole life and been to Mex a dozen times or so. Used to go on epic surf retreats there but TJ is a different animal. I haven’t been in a few years but I heard it is a little safer now, 5 years ago it was real bad man. You can always find a donkey show if you like (I’ve always wanted to see one lol!) but try not to do anything illegal there man, seriously and although it will be tempting, stay away from the farmacia, lots of fake stuff in TJ

Been to pharmacia a dozen times… I know the drill there… just pain pills & fun stuff… Mexican gear is trash… I got a buddy to go😂 I think we might check out that place Hong Kong…I heard it’s a luxury whore house & strip club… Cancun had one like it and it was bananas… Mexican strip clubs are fun as hell… hopefully TJ don’t disappoint

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lol, have fun bro. Haven’t heard of Hong Kong but it sounds fun! Asian strippers in TJ lol jk
Certain drugs from the farmacias are ok but I wouldn’t trust the gear like you said. We used to get 100’s of valiums there for like $20. Anyways, enjoy!

No Asians it’s just a odd name…it’s built like a Miami night club with mega strip club & hotel on top…about 1mile from border


Yea Tamadrol, oxy, zanz dirt cheap there but once I tried some Mexican test…it burned like tequila stuck in my ass cheek…I tossed the whole batch

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Just checked out the link, sign me up! Off topic here man but do you just walk across with meds? Do you get an Rx from a Mexican Dr? Just curious, i’d be scared to death to walk accross with pockets full of stuff lol

Yes kinda fly threw…in Mex u just tip the guy at pharmacia…no Dr needed…they will give u what ev if got the $$… spend 300 in pharmacia & they won’t bug u…prolly throw u freebies…but if yur sum broke turd junkie they will toss u out…
I’ve never walked through this will be a first but flown through numerous times many different countries… cant imagine walk through is any different…

Just got back from TJ… It was awesome!!! Girls at HK crazy hot bro all 12s & up no lie… Its a blast anyone reading this that likes booze, drugs, & Pussy go. If thats not yur thing you will hate TJ… As far as safty goes its pretty safe just dont wander too far from all the club areas… Its Mexico so people are aggressive like NYC selling shit. Cops are crooked looking for paydays so dont be a drunk dipshit in the streets same as USA… As far as your question on border and Pharmacia…Just as easy as airport walking through border flash USA passport throw yur bag on a xray machine yur g2g takes 20-30min to walk threw… They have dogs so no hard stuff unless u want yur ass split open… Pills fine just put them in vitamin/supplement jars or something non label…I wouldnt try vials not worth it plus the stuff is trash get yur gear elswhere but pain meds, benzos,ect AOK… Hope this helps now go njoy TJ ya dirty bastards & dont buy into the pussy shit people are saying… Its as fun as Miami, Vegas or any other place but 75% less cost… & Rosarita beach very nice during day and TJ resaraunts great in city centro

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How was it ? I was reading you went solo everytime I go its always with family sincr were 1:30 away!

It was awesome… Actually convinced a bro to go… we drank a shit ton, chilled on beach & banged a bunch of hot ass. Walked through border easier than going to a airport. Not scary imo

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next time im so down to go my dude!!