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Anyone Been To Prague/Budapest?

I figure we must have some world travelers on this site, so I’m curious to see who’s been to Prague or Budapest lately.

I’m heading over there for 10 days and would like to know what people think of it. Obviously I’ll try to take in all of the touristy must-see sights, but I’d also like to see if anyone has recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc.

Anyone know of a good PL/OL type gym where I could get a lift in? It’s a deload week for me, but I wouldn’t mind at least getting a maintenance lift in, and I think it would be great to see an old school gym while I’m over there.

If anyone has any must see/must do items, I’d love to hear your suggestions. I already have flight/trains/hotels lined up, but other than that I’m pretty open to suggestions.

Maybe this will help:

I’ve been there. Its quite a decent place for a good night out. Not as cheap as it used to be. Loads of strip joints, if thats what you are into.

Can’t comment on the gyms.

Karlovy club in prague-right by the Charles River, just go there

[quote]Jason32 wrote:
Maybe this will help:


Sorry, the link doesn’t seem to work outside of Canada, but I got the idea.

Aside from strippers and hookers, anything else to see while I’m there?

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