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Anyone Been to Planet Fitness Before?

Speaking of SD, I heard rumors about some diner/restaurant that sells pancakes the size of pizzas. If anyone knows the place, hook a brotha up.

Depending on how much you travel (and your disposable income) I’d much rather spend $50/month on guest fees at local, independent gyms that $15/mo at PF.

I can appreciate wanting to get in and get out as quickly as possible, but I’ve had great luck googling “weightlifting gym” in whatever city I’m going to visit and paying their $8-$12 guest fee including meeting up with other TN’ers.

And the only SD breakfast place I know is Hash House A Go Go.

I’d say my job is about 75% road based. At least, enough that day passes add up and grinding for them becomes inconvenient when all I wanna do is google the nearest place I know works, hit it up and bounce so I can go do some touristy shit.

I’m fortunate that my job takes me to some great places. Honestly, I’d rather spend my spare time figuring out how to enjoy the trip than hustling for a gym.

Really, I’m just a lazy fuck if you wanna break me down.

I’ll give that place a shot though. I’ll be in the area until Friday evening

$30/month will typically get you a 24Hr Fitness or LA Fitness membership, both of which have

clubs now spanning the nation.

Even though i am a broke-ass nursing student I will still spend the additional $240/ Year

for something of VALUE.

Both are well maintained , most have pools and showers.

And the Attitude (if near a military base) is much better than what you find at

Planet Pathetic.

Not to take issue with you, but to point out the peculiarities of regions. My Black Membership at PF is $19.95 per month (gets me tanning and massage chair and any PF location) but the regular is $10, no initial fee.

My local LA Fitness is a pig sty and costs $29.95 per month plus a $99 initiation fee which equals $459 for the first year versus $120, or $339 more than PF.

And, my local LA Fitness has an attitude, which is funny considering Yelpers took pictures of the used syringes that were found by the pool.

Conclusion - it’s pretty area dependent and you have to look around. I like day passes when I travel, but I don’t travel that much. And, you never get complete coverage with any gym.

The_Myth :

I will agree that any place is going to be area dependent.

Have you seen the area that Westside is in ? Along with how unkempt it is ?
(not bagging on westside at all, private after all.)

But calling yourself a “Judgement Free Zone” and then not allowing for heavy weights to
be lifted is not really my idea of a fun place to Properly Train.

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Holy crap, you trained at Westside?

Yeah, I actually paid $360 for a year at another gym just so I could barbell train - no pool, two showers, skanky as hell…just the way I like it. Not sure WTF I’m still paying PF for.

I WISH ! as i am sure most on this forum do.

There is enough youtube video out there taken from inside westside to

know what type of equipment Louie and company have…

Again, not at all disrespecting Westside at all.

Point being is you get out of your training what you put into it …

a proper Atmosphere does help though …

Appreciate the perspective bro, but I think the disconnect lies in the fact that I consider a cheap, ubiquitous, chill place with a variety of (admittedly not “ideal”) equipment to of value in a pinch.

As far as atmosphere, I have been to a good number of PFs across the country since I started this thread and, while there’s no screaming, chalk throwing and weight banging, the atmosphere really is NOT much different than what you’d find at most commercial gyms - folks are just looking to get in, get a workout, and bounce. There are no pajama parties (that I’ve been invited to), syncing of menstrual cycles or rallies against hardcore fitness enthusiasts that I’ve seen.

Despite what the commercials or people on this forum would have you believe, there ARE folks at these places with solid builds. Not that they’re stepping on stage anytime soon, but I routinely see people who look like they lift getting in and out just fine without hassle or incident. I don’t know how/where they build their base (admittedly not at PF probs), but they seem to exist in there just fine despite what the commercials push. Just don’t be a prick and you’ll be left alone (as with anything else in life, I guess). While they advertise an anti-meathead, judgement free philosophy, it looks to me like 95% of the people go there strictly for convenience, cost and probably by virtue of the volume of their advertising.

No, I wouldn’t pick it as my primary gym, but that’s not what this thread was about.

I just want to point out that you can find a heavy rock almost any place you go except Antarctica and the desert. No reason you can do some stone lifts. Plus it will probably do more for you than any dumbbell. Hell, you can even make your own bag of rocks and bring them on trips with you. Problem solved. Give me money.

This much I can attest to as well.

Again this is another good point. Don’t rock the fucking boat, get in-get out.

Exactly what PF is good for, a secondary option (extremely cheap, also the two in my town have all Hammer Strength machines) for travellers who do not want to lift in a hotel gym.

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Why would that guy train at a Planet Fitness in the first place?

I see this like going into a McDonalds and throwing a tantrum because they didn’t serve you a porterhouse steak. It’s not what it’s there for.

I believe this video is a Comedy Central satire, judging by the logo in the bottom left.

I always assumed that the people they interviewed were playing it straight while and not really in on the joke whenever I watched these, but it’s possible that the whole thing is staged.

I guess my question would go toward anyone who gets upset that they were kicked out of a planet fitness for violating their policies.

the problem is that they sell the image of a “Judgement Free Zone”

and it is blatantly NOT !

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Are you sssuuuurrreee?

That is no porterhouse, haha.

Dude, the entire fitness industry is built on lies. Planet Fitness is no more guilty than others. Its a sillly thing to get upset about.

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