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Anyone Been to Planet Fitness Before?

Hi fellow Ttards,

I travel extensively for work at the national level. Hotel gyms tend to suck, and jumping through hoops finding gyms with day passes gets tiresome (and it adds up quick with how frequently I need one).

PF is both ubiquitous and cheap… but I don’t know what sorta stuff they actually have in there, equipment-wise beyond the cardio stuff. I know their rep, but beggars can’t be choosers, and they can’t be any worse than Hilton’s “fitness centers.” And while I can visit my local one to get an idea, I don’t know how consistent they are at the national level.

Any advices? Sorry for no tits attached to this, but I’m on my work computer. I’ll throw something up later if all goes well.

I once went to a Planet Fitness (when I first started working out) and they had no squat racks, only smith machines and three benches: one for incline, flat, and decline. They had plenty of treadmills though. Just my experience though.

don’t they do free pizza on a Monday? I’d be all up in that

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Word, thanks.

I do remember a video of some dude getting Lunk’d because he loaded up a heavy squat at his PF, so I guess the variation in equipment is there. Smith machines are sufficient, though, really.

If that’s still going on, I’d get my membership fee back in slices crushed by the second week.

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I can’t speak for nationally, but I will speak to the one’s I’ve been to (2 or 3 in Columbus suburbs)… and that’s real simple. Don’t bother, period. You’re not going to be able to get a decent workout (read: always lacking in strength equipment). In fact, based on the one’s I’ve been to, I’d rather workout at a hotel fitness center.

You’d be better off getting a membership to your local YMCA (like $35/mo), which will get you into a bunch of YMCA’s near you and the pay the visiting members fee (usually a couple bucks) whenever your outside your “home” area. INFINITELY better chances of finding respectable equipment on a consistent/nationwide basis.

Good luck, and I’ll look forward to seeing those titties.


I don’t travel much, but the Planet Fitness I went to is better than any hotel gym I’ve seen. By a long shot.

No barbells, but three Smith Machines (the nice angled kind, not straight vertical). Several flat/incline/decline free standing benches. Dumbbells up to 60 pounds (not gonna lie, it was fun getting dirty looks shoulder pressing what most other people were chest pressing, but even that got old pretty quick).

A ton of machines, including two weight stack leg presses, and a nice cable setup (really sweet dual pulley for overhead stuff). Two dip/chin stations - one assisted, one not. Ab area with knee raise stations, decline crunch benches, and Swiss balls. And of course plenty of cardio (the ARC trainer was pretty nice, like half-elliptical half-stepper).

If you can’t get a more-than-halfway decent workout there, you don’t know how to program training. Even Wendler has mentioned using crap gyms for an assistance-only day. It can be done easily, ubermacho “fuck PF”-biases aside

Nope. Seriously, nope.

I’ve not been to planet fitness, but I’d echo that YMCA can be a pretty good option. I’ve had good luck getting in for free at other YMCAs based on being a member at my local YMCA. It’s more expensive than planet fitness, though.

Cheers, man. Appreciate the suggestion on the Y (ditto to you too, Silyak).

Too bad Chris put the kibosh on the tit pics; just did some push-ups so I have a sweet pump happening.

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That’s what’s up, man. Appreciate the detailed feedback and will give it a shot (worst-case scenario, I’m out $20 bucks, or so).

Yeah, it’s tough to do worse than a Hilton “fitness center,” with the DB’s going to 40 pounds and the single bench. If they’re feeling dirty they throw in a cable station with pull-up bar, but they’re mostly total prudes with the amenities.

Lift rocks outside, you don’t need a gym for that.

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Planet Fitness hasn’t been the same since Holy Mac set off the lunk alarm.


Wait… he actually did it? I remember everyone on his ass about not getting to it!

It’s been uploading to Youtube since 2011. Must be a slow connection.


Haha! Can’t believe you pinpointed that, Chris.

Planet fitness is fine. I got a membership simply because there is one below my office, $15 a month and it has all the equipment you need for a decent lunchtime workout.

Is it better than my regular gym. No.

Is it better than any hotel gym. yes

They’re building a new one literally next to the farmers market where I buy all my grass-fed and free-range meat and eggs! Even though I have a nice home gym, I’d consider trying a short term membership there just to see how bad it really is, and what I could get away with. LOL

As long as you don’t walk in with a chip on your shoulder…looking to piss people off, nobody is going to look at you twice.

If you stroll in with the intent to BE HARD CORZZZ and make somebody ask you to leave…you are going to get run.

So pretty much like everything else in life.

So I have a membership at Planet Fitness and at a real gym. PF has no barbells other than Smith machine. I like the multiple locations, the hours, and the massage chairs, but no way can it be your only.

Ya it’s not so terrible.

The one by my apartment has 3 smith machines, dumbbells to 70 lbs, multiple cable stations for rows/pull-downs, a fuck ton of cardio equipment, hella 6’s worth potentially investing in since they look like future 8’s, a pull-up/dip station, leg press, etc.

Last week, some dude was literally crip walking around the gym shadow boxing with weights and would jump over all the benches laterally up and down the line. Didn’t get Lunk’d once. Last night I was at one in Miami, heard the alarm go off and no one so much as looked around. Gonna see what’s up in San Diego tomorrow if they have one.

All in all, a reasonable way to spend 20 bucks a month. Not a Golds/Worlds/etc, but as CC said, a guy can get by. Can’t vouch for the pizza yet though since I haven’t seen any yet.