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Anyone Been to Diego Garcia


Hey was just wondering if anyone has been to Diego Garcia? I think I am going to go there and just wanted to know how it was, and if there is a good gym there? Got a bunch of other questions but just wondering who went fist.


You lucky sob!
I had some of the best memories of my life there, and at the same time hated it at times while I was there.

They have wild chickens running around, yet it's a tiny island, so they have to be all inbread (and they act like it too).

You can't touch the crabs, but people eat them anyway.

If you go beond the donkey gate, you will see the donkeys who have RF burns from "T" site (transmit).

I wish I could go back.

They really do have the best MWR there. Get out and do the fun-runs, get a mountain bike because they have some of the best moutain bike trails in the world (join the bike club too), if you like to fish you'll be able to catch more than you and all your friends can eat.

I may sound cheesy and a little gung-ho, but trust me, you really should get into as much MWR stuff as you can while you're there.

You'll come home with a thousand t-shirts too.

Don't forget to go somewhere for a vacation while you're there. The flight to Singapore is free, and a round trip to Thailand is (was) just a couple hundred bucks. See as much as you can while you're on that side of the world, because a flight there would cost 4-5 times the price just to get there.


Oh yea, they also have a 24 hour gym, and people at the gym pretty much leave you alone.

It's getting late, but if I remember tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the island and some of the good times I had there.

They also have a website.


You may also want to learn Tagalog.

The only civilians there are Filipino and Mauritian (mostly Filipino).

I think they're all civilian DOD employees though.

There's great snorkeling there too.

Also, be warrned that it's known for destroying relationships. Not all, but most. I was engaged going there, then we broke up over the phone, then I met my wife on the island.


I will be there from June to Sep. I think I have a awesome schedule too. I will be working two days on two days off. Im with the Airforce, I know its more of a Navy base then anything. Is everything split Airforce/Navy or is all the facilities shared by the two? pictures would be cool. Even if you wanted to email them to me


Here are some pics as promissed...




















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