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Anyone Been to Barbados?


Just accepted a job there on some international finance shit. I have no idea what it's like.


I went out with a girl from Barbados. Actually...we just stayed in.

I can tell what she's like.


Its beautiful! went in 2006


Best Hot sauce on the planet, seriously, & it's like everywhere man.


Its a nice place. But the streets of Bridgetown can be a bit ruff. Specially if you have tourist written on your forehead.

Some places are really nice though. Check out the golf/resort place called sandy lanes ..I think that is what its called.

Some of the churches are cool to get a tour of.

Should be enjoyable.

If you need IT people lemme know :smiley:


I'm from and currently still reside in beautiful Barbados. There are no words to describe what my country offers, it simply needs to be experienced! @dirtbag Bridgetown is actually is in the top 2 least dangerous towns in the Caribbean, that says alot!




I imagine you've lurked here for years patiently waiting for someone to ask about Barbados!


Hahaha, I thought the exact same thing!

I bet there are scores upon scores of lurkers here, each one an expert on very specific subjects, just waiting for someone to start a thread that they can lend their expertise to.

I'm going to start a thread on cave stalagmites and see if I can draw a lurker out!



Do it Pimpy, DO IT!


Then another thread for stalagmites.

I can't remember which is which.


'tites hang above (think tits... or teets).


Stalagmites, nipples up
Stalactites, nipples down

At least that's how I used to remember it from skool.

Who wants to talk about Moh's hardness scale?




I think that's how the women remembered it.


Go on....


I've heard it an Island with trees and roads and shit..bring suncream