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Anyone Been on TRT More Than 10yrs?


I would like to hear from anyone that has been on a TRT protocol for more than 10 years. Any complications? What would you do differently if you could start over? If you have stopped TRT after several years, why?


most people on this forum are the ones having issues balancing out their TRT program/protocol.

the ones that get things working typically don't spend time on forums such as these helping others. they are moving on with their lives. just saying cause I am doubtful that you will get many responses if any.


I've been for 6 years now, the biggest complications I've encountered.

Is finding the right doctor, without a doubt this forum has been a learning curve for myself and others as Purechance has stated.

IMO, most doctors are the root cause of complications, 1 example of a complication that my moron doctors failed to check is my red blood cell count not 1 time for the first 3 years did they ever check my rbc, I was the 1 that brought it to their attention that bloodletting need to be done along with the host of other issues overlooked.


KYinchampaign, did you ever find the root cause? Besides the doctors obviously :slight_smile:


No I never did or did any doctor look into it years ago, I'm very certain Its primary cause was from steroid abuse from years prior. Along with excessive training very consistent low fat dieting, and a major stressful event after My divorce, and being a single parent of 3 small children at the time of my divorce 11 years ago, please don't misunderstand me I'm very proud to have been the parent to raise my children, though it was stressful, I wouldn't change it for the world.

So a combination of these. I've recently started seeing a TRT doctor that has me dialed in. Very Well versed


What protocol are you on now compared to where you started?


I'll try not to make this to complicated, right before my divorce I was in the middle of a AAS cycle, my ex wife basically walked out ( and no it wasn't due to my usage, honestly shes a internet whore truth be told ) So I abruptly stopped my cycle no PCT just stopped, as the world just came down on my shoulders, after about 1 years of major stress and complete hormonal imbalance, I started seeing a big named Big Ten Doctor, I laid everything thing on the table ( as the first question he asked was " how many cycles have you done") So instead of him being understanding of my choices, pretty much bad mouths and puts me on EFFEXOR Xr, (anti depressant ) This crashes My T levels even more. As I knew better just didn't follow my own advice, after about a year I dumped him and started seeing a more understanding doctor and prescribed 200mg of test once a month, knowing this wasn't proper I supplemented myself with 75mg weekly with 12.mg of aromasin, life some what started to turn back to normal. Then my source dried up and made a turn for the worse, so I held of on telling my doctor of the steps I'd taken, and was trying to convince him on proper treatment he bumps up my test shots to 400mg once a month! Absolutely, completely WRONG!

After 1 month of This I was a total wreck! Ask to see an endro, next mistake for the most part, puts me on androgel and No AI, still had No resources for one, (little etchy on buying over the net, for sake of losing my kids ).So ran androgel for the last 3.5years solo with an OTC AI, not very effective to say the least.

So to sum this up 2 idiots for doctors That have the authority to prescribe, but are brainless on proper treatment. And a completely DUMB FUCKIN Hematologist, that thinks a TT level of 169(quest ) is perfectly fine and all my otc supplements are androgenic. Arginine and creatine! Complete Retard!

So now I drive 125 miles to a doctor that is on top of the game!
170mg test cyp weekly (for now wants me to be between 1100-1300 ng)
1 gram arimidex divided dose
500ius HCG divided dose
4 grams Lovaza Ed
Adrenal support

Also has done a VO2-MAX to help dial in caloric intake.
And my insurance pays for It!

Sorry to of been so winded, as there's Really more to it, I want to point out to those reading this, Take charge of your health you only have one life, I don't want to down play all doctors, as a lot are very talented. But the majority are completely ignorant at proper TRT replacement.


Thanks for the answer. I'm just starting on TRT and I am trying to get a feel for all this. My doc has me on 200mg cyp q 2 wks but she is OK with me dividing it up 2x a week. Haven't talked her into hCG or Arimidex yet, but I have not even had my first set of blood work after starting TRT yet. I wonder if anyone has decent results without supporting meds.


Has your doctor determined why you are hypogonadism? Or if you are?

What has brought You to the conclusion you may be?

Have you thumbed through the stickies? As there may be a deficiency or other hormonal imbalance that can be addressed pre TRT to insure this is the best option.

To answer your question is the use of HCG and an AI necessary.

An AI is a must as testosterone aromatizes to estrodiol /estrogen. The stickies explain this in detail.

HCG, personal choice, again explained in the stickies.
I like using it


This isn't exactly true. There are a few that can get by without Adex. I suspect this would be in the younger crowd who still have good cortisol/thyroid production levels, and are leaner, so there is less reason for aromatization. This would probably be true in those presenting with idiopathic hypogonadism.

But you are right in that most of the guys we see on this board seem to need it, for whatever reason...


Back on topic:

After 10 years, you will, unfortunately be 10 years older. But your health, mood and life expectancy will be better than not doing TRT.

The question should be, what are the probably problems from not doing TRT for 10 years.

But, as others have stated, the problems are not TRT, but how it is executed.