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Anyone Been on BBing Misc Forum?

The more I look at it the more I realized that forum is full of no life narcissitic idiots.

Some of them are like in their 30s and they argue about things like which “sloot” is hotter and would bang just like they are in highschool. Not to mention they hate on women, but they are still simping on the female forum users. But they act with this “alpha chad” mentality. Plus, they are blantantly racist and always try to discourage people.

Like it is just a very weird bunch.

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I’m glad T-Nation has none of those kinds of people.


Yeah there are actual good and funny threads but very rare.

I wouldnt describe them as meatheads since most of them dont even lift. But then it can also apply since many actual meatheads dont even look like they lift.

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Can you imagine those idiots going on line just to rag on other people? Good lord, what a sad little life.


Who cares how another forum operates ffs

What an incredibly whiny, effeminate thread

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Lol it is an offtopic section. What makes this a more whiny thread than other threads where people complained about gym etiquettes, etc.

Just because you don’t care doesnt mean this shouldnt be talked about. The world doesnt revolve around you. What a stupid, self-centered reply.

Oh I think a few are like this guy above chinglorduno. But thank god theyre not many like in the misc section


And based on what I’ve seen in his previous posts, and recent training log updates, the dude seems to be a perfectly nice guy.

I remember one guy flew off the handle because another poster disagreed with his opinions on what builds big arms. That was kinda weird.


@ChongLordUno is a good man. Been around this forum for longer than I have, and definitely seems to have earned some respect out there. Don’t think he’s been banned once.


Yeah. Me too.

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The world doesn’t revolve around me yet you want to come on and talk about how your feelings have been compromised by some other forum.

Those ‘alpha chads’ seem to have done a number on you mate

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Who’s talking to you mate? You chose to respond to this thread?

Which I’m entitled to do as you’ve created a thread encouraging discussion, on a public forum.

That ragdolling by Chad Thundercock over at Misc left you floundering.