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Anyone attended recent Charles Staley seminars?

If anyone has attended one of Charles Staleys recent seminars on the Q2 system, I would be highly interested in any information you could share!

And to the editors: Any upcoming articles by Mr.Staley in the near future?

Using his CPT program with great success, and the EDT article in last weeks issue really inspired me!

I live in New Zealand so have’nt had the opportunity to attend a C.S. seminar but I’v done 3 ‘cycle’s’ (not back to back) of his Convergent Phase Training. It was honestly the most productive system (strength & lean mass) I’v ever used in 20yrs of training. So his Q2 and Escalating Density really peeked my interest too. I’v done two E.D. workouts so far. Have’nt gone to absolute failure on any sets but the DOMS are incredible and the time limit factor was really refreshing and challenging. One question for Charles if you’re listening, what do I do at the end of the month - I’d really like to ‘explore’ this system some more.

RE: Escalating Density Training

“NOTE: Do not perform early sets to failure, or even near failure. My recommended starting point is to do 1/2 of what is possible (e.g., 5 reps with a 10-RM weight) at the beginning of the time frame. As the time limit approaches however, you’ll find yourself working at or near failure as you attempt to break your rep record.”

Why not…?

And isn’t this bascially the same training system Serge Nubret used to use?