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Anyone at UCF?


being one of the largest colleges in america, i figure someone on here has got to attend there.

is anyone intersted in sponsering me with as their guest to workout in the rec center this sunday?

will exchange kind words and mmf action in return.



how about you just go to a planet fitness!!


off topic....HolyMac...i got my hands on a Beretta 92fs = ) fellow StateTrooper buddy of mine is selling it to me, 800 bucks...excellent condition, 3 clips, holster, NiteSites, its gorgeous..

On topic...good luck, i hope there is a fellow UCFer on here that will tag along with you at the gym! haha




Why don't you just call and see if you even have to be a guest of someone to workout there? At my college gym it's just $5 for a one day pass, and you don't have to be with a student.


Just ask if they give discounts for the members of the armed forces like (insert rival school name), and that you're in town and had heard great things about their facilities, so you wanted to check them out.