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Anyone at SHOT Show?


Just saw a guy doing calf raises in flip flops in the hotel gym. That and a whole bunch of AR variants.


Sorry. Apparently the politically correct term now for an AR is "Modern Sporting Rifle".


Good. I am fine with semi-auto finally becoming p.c.

I am not at SHOT but I have read that Mossberg has a new rifle that is horrific looking.

Any good news? I am interested in particular if Glock has any new products.


Robert A


You mean this abomination?


I am not there. But if you are signed up at guns America, the will email you a pretty sweet daily summary.


I heard Glock showed up with this sweet piece of ass.


As was pointed out to me, with all they've sold in the last few years it seems pretty unlikely we will see another assault rifle or hi capacity mag bill move through Congress


All I can say is there will be a lot of bullpups on the market soon. Whether they will sell, who knows?


I didn't see that, but Glock had a giant booth. Refuting Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun?" I say "why?"


I though I saw a few level action with rails but chocked it up to a hangover.


It's a joke, that picture is 'shopped. I'd be very surprised if Glock produced anything new besides another generation.


Given some of the answers in search of questions that I saw this time, I totally bought it.

Damn, photo shop gets me with the chick photos all the time too. I left my girlfriend when I saw that big tits and space needle pic going around a few years ago. Man did I have some crow to eat when the photo shop was explained to me.



I would very much like a single stack Glock 26. I am more certain every day it will never happen.


Robert A


I really like leverguns.

A Marlin Guide Gun 45-70 is at the top of my "want and have no purpose for" list.

I would love a synthetic/parked 30-30 with a factory aperture sights, a rail for mounting scopes, and a spot for a light mount. I would never use the mount, but I certainly wouldn't mind. It could be decent for some really restricted states/cities, even more so if it were available in .357 so it could have a higher capacity.

That thing is just ugly. It might make since when you pick it up, but damn it is ugly. The single thing lever guns have over so much else is how they look/feel.


Robert A


Speaking of a Marlin 45-70, check this out:

I also have a hard-on for the Marlin. Love the looks of the one I attached (1895 GBL)... gorgeous blue, short 18" barrel, and with the mag tube almost the same length it's just classy and sexy.


I held one of the GBL rifles. It felt...right, great balance, joy to touch/shoulder, easy to hold/carry. Not sure what I would "use" it for, but I want one.

The one in the link is interesting, first I have heard about chambering a .410 shell. From .410 to hotter than 45-70 would make it everything from a squirrel to Big 3 African Game capable rifle.


Robert A


kel-tec is showing off their KSG and .308 bullpup.

ASP has batons that you can now slip into your pocket. super tiny. pretty BA


Scumbag Kel-Tec: Introduces innovative products that are instantly in high demand, never bothers to release any product to meet that demand.

KSG - 14-round, 12 Ga, bullpup shotgun
RFB - Bullpup .308
PMR-30 - lightweight .22 WMR pistol with 30-round double-stack mag


Woolrich has a line of concealed carry clothes. Concealed carry also big focus with small pistols



This tactical operator shit is becoming a parody of itself. Who knew that making Joe Blow feel like a srs business operator operating tactically would be so profitable?

However it's good to see that CC is really catching on. Feels like we've kind of reached a critical mass of people interested in carrying.