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Anyone Around Syracuse Training for Meets in January/February?


I am going to get stapled to a bench in Asterdam NY on 1/15 and then again on either 2/12in Tribes Hill or 2/28 in Albany, depending on how much shame I experience from being publicly humiliated in January. Anyone else doing these or training for thse?


I live in Syracuse. There are 3 push pull meets held every year in Clyde, NY that I train for. Usually the meets are in Feb, May, and Nov. I am not familiar with the meets you are training for, but i have seen them advertised on the powerlifting watch website.

Where in Syracuse do you train? My gym recently closed, so I am powerlifting in my friend's basement!



i have been using a number of gyms, strangely none have made me stronger (I may have something to do with that as well). Champions, Aspen, Gold's in Liverpool and Planet Fitness, I keep weird hours so getting into an open one when I go is always a priority. Where were you lifting at?


Most of the time, I train in my buddy's basement, but I was lifting off and on at Bally's in Camillus. It closed about 2 months ago.