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Anyone Ambidextrous?


I just thought it would be fun to try to become one through practice. I know it's gonna take a long ass time but I think if a fapping marathon was to ever pop up, being able to alternate with ease would be a huge benefit.

I found a wrist brace I haven't used and planning to wear it on my right hand to make it easier not to use it. I'm obviously still gonna use it when writing and other daily tasks, but will try to limit it.

So anyone on here Ambidextrous? Were you born with it or taught yourself?


Only for fapping


I am now. I kinda developed it through wrestling because my coach used to make us do "expert skills" from each side. I don't have a "lead leg" anymore either.


I write and use scissors left handed. Everything else is right handed.


Yes, from birth, though not to a remarkable degree, but enough that I can write perfectly legibly with either hand and don't really favour either for doing stuff. Neither parent is like this, but one of my grandfathers is ambidextrous.


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Im mostly left handed. Pure left for fine motor skills like writing and drawing although I write ok with my right. Handedness can be pretty ambiguous particularly for a lefty. I'm pretty sure just cause I picked up a righty mitt in little league I'm right handed for throwing and batting.

I'm almost a pure switch hitter in ping pong.

Lately, I've been working dog care and just for fun when I throw a ball for one of my dogs I use my left hand. I'm good with my right but I've slowly developed the left throw to what I judge to be equivalent to a 10 year old. I think I started like an eight year old.

Whenever I go to the batting cages I try to bat lefty for a couple rounds. And have made some improvement.

It can be done and its fun. I think its easier for a lefty because we are forced to go against the grain from a young age.

Harry Truman was ambidextrous. Supposedly when he threw out a ceremonial first pitch he had to put a lot of thought into which hand he wanted to use.


My experience tells me its highly skill specific. So wearing a brace to remind yourself to reach with your left probably isn't going to cut it. So like with throwing you have to start with the opposite lead leg, and pull your hips through on the opposite side.

What skills are you training?


Athletically I can do things that don't require 'touch'. I once entered a racquetball tournament in the A division as a right-hand player and in the B division as a left hand player. I won the Bs lefty and was the runner up in the As as a righty. That was quite a full 3 day weekend. I also once pitched an inning left handed. I would throw 3 strikes in a row and the fourth would be 6 feet over the catchers head. Got through it though.

Things that require touch are a different story. My brother couldn't begin to do what I can do throwing or swinging a racquet but put him under the basket on a basketball court and he's great left handed. I can't do shit with the off hand.

I heard a story and I think it's true. I also think the guy was George Bretts teammate who got drafted ahead of Brett in high school. The guy was coming up through the minors when he threw out his shoulder. Apparently it was an injury that couldn't be fixed or rehabbed. He took a year off to learn how to throw left handed. He made it back to the minors only to have the same injury happen to his left arm.


So you can do pretty much anything with either hand or is it just with wrestling?


Theres a pitcher in the yankees system who switch pitches. There are some specific rules as to how and when he can switch with a particular batter. He has a special glove made in japan that can go on either hand.


So when someone pushes you from behind you just fall on your face? ;]


I would say I'm decent at shooting or laying up basketballs because I've worked on it before though not extensively. It still feels awkward driving with my left hand but my throwing up a hook with my left is not too bad.

So basketball being my main sport, that's what I would like to work on, but just being Ambidextrous in general and being able to do shit with either hands would be pretty cool.


I heard about that guy. I also heard it was causing some trouble with switch hitters. Probably the reason for the specific rules.


I can do anything with either hand without thinking about it now.


I'm right-handed for writing, but for everything else, it doesn't matter too much. I can even draw with my left hand pretty well. I consciously try to maintain symmetry and I do practice writing with my left hand sometimes.


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no, I don't use one leg over the other to plant on or initiate explosive movements like sprints or jumping.


Yes, though righting with my right hand (being dominant with my left) is a little slower, and I can only cut paper well with my right hand, but not my left.


It was natural, from birth as it were.

Still, because of my writing dominance I consider my self to be more a south paw than a righty.



With gross motor skills mostly. The finer they get the more akward it is, though I can still do it. I write with my right hand but left hand writing is legible. Taught myself through martial arts and when I broke my right hand.


Hockey, golf, and baseball. A little writing, I broke my right hand several times.