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Anyone Add Masteron for DHT/E2 Ratio?

Looking for reasons why one would do this. There is a guy over on Reddit that claims he keeps his ratio of DHT 20 times higher than E2. Says he doesn’t need AI when he does this.

If he’s right could be one of the reasons some people feel better with an AI and some people can let it run into the hundreds without problem.

I run Masteron with my Test all the time. Have been doing it for over a year now. I don’t know what my DHT/E2 ratio is, I run it due to the effects of an NPP blast I ran last year that affected my erections. The masteron restored that.

That’s interesting. What dosages of both are you running?

My guess is that since NPP only converts to DHN and not DHT you were deficient in DHT causing your problems. That Masteron fixed that is pretty cool.

250 test and 200 mast/week

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This would be a case of PED use versus TRT but yes running Mast can help with E2 issues. Masteron was originally marketed as a breast cancer drug as it inhibits the e2 receptors in breast tissue.

Regarding your ratio, you don’t want your DHT to go sky high for prostate concerns, hairloss, and other sides. This overall would be more of a Pharma question over TRT.

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