Anyone a Coach or Trainer?

hi, anyone of you are any of the above?

i’m 19 this year, and in Singapore we have national service which is basically serving in the army for 2years and is compulsary for all males. during this time, there’d be alot of free time, since its like a job(with crappy pay) and its possible to pursue a part time degree. so im interested in being a strength/fitness coach, or just learning more about strength and fitness.

so any ideas of how i can go about pursuing this? thanks!

there are a lot of variables to consider.

  1. How serious are you about training/nutrition/strength and conditioning etc.
  2. Do you train or plan to train?
  3. Are you willing to constantly challenge the norm and go beyond to resource new information ideologies training parameters etc?

In my opinion if your not 100% dedicated to the above than studying any tertiary course, for example Human movement, exercise science related degree is not going to be worth while for you due to the cost associated. Also doing a degree part time requires a large amount of discipline and focus on making sure that you are constantly motivated to learn.

As far as just getting the appropriate qualifications go, there are an abundance of companies that offer certifications in personal training. Costs can vary depending on the particular qualification, but in comparison to a university degree, it is the more financially sound option.

But you have to be aware of the risks that you are taking when you actually train a client. For example, you as a trainer aren’t legally allowed to engage a client in focus pad work (boxing pads), your insurance, depending on your provider, wont cover you for injuries sustained to your client during that session.

Also, the courses that these smaller companies offer are usually in the duration of 4-8 weeks and some at 12. The notion that a company can educate a potential trainer about the response to physical activity and the acute and chronic affects is preposterous. As such you will have to constantly prove yourself in the industry to not only increase your client base but also your employability.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, so to speak, when it comes to making the decision about being a trainer.

Good Luck


1)well i’m quite serious about number one cause it’s kinda like passion? sports and fitness that is, and all that comes with it like strength,conditioning and so on. I live in Singapore and well, there’s really no future in any sports as we are severely lacking in talent and all the government does is to hire China people to play our sports for us.(no offence to anyone from china)

So while playing in the NBA or any Euro league is definitely out of the question, i’d still very much like to puruse a career in sports and fitness.

2)Yes i train, currently following westwide for skinny bastards III. I’m neither very buff nor strong yet, but i’m working on it and do enjoy training to get stronger.(you know the feeling when you hit a new PR (: )

3)yes i am, although in Singapore, we do not really have such good trainers like defranco or elite FTS, and this strength coaching business is a relatively new/unfounded industry here.

“The notion that a company can educate a potential trainer about the response to physical activity and the acute and chronic affects is preposterous”

and i don’t realy get this.

also anyone knows what kinda degrees/diplomas/courses i can take? ill only be able to get into a university after 2 years of national service. and some of the diplomas available are

-sport science (which may be what i want)
-Sports Studies & Exercise Science
-Human Movement
-Exercise Rehabilitation
-ASCA Level 2, NSCA-CPT (went to their website.but im still not sure is it an online course or something?)

and i saw this online course which kinda looks like a scam though…

anyone know of this? thanks!

If you’re interested in training more along the lines as a strength coach, you’ll want to look at the NSCA. The NSCA-CPT certification is meant for personal trainers, and the CSCS certification is meant for strength coaches, although you have to have a college degree to be a CSCS.

oo. so is it credible? like, is it really recognised?

and they can change my title??? wts. lol