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Anybody Without an Appendix?


Not that I have one to give, But I'm starting to lose fat and I'm noticing that where my appendix was is getting flatter than my left side. Was wondering if anyone else experienced this? Or is there an organ on the left side I can toss?! :wink:


I'd go with the left side of your brain, it doesn't seem to be getting used anyway. Bad troll, no donut.


I have my appendix. You're going to hell for letting those Satan worshipping Doctors open you up.


your appendix is very small, any difference you see is an illusion or something else.


Scar tissue


The ghey is trying to burst out of his left side!!


I have a table of contents & an index, but nope, no appendix.


i lol'd


this made me smile


this did it for me