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Anybody with MBT-Shoes?

I just discovered this type of shoes that claim to have benefits for the joints.
Aesthetically these shoes are awful but since I have bad knees I was wondering if they’re good,not only “confy” but good for the joints (they claim so)

Anybody tried these shoes before ?


My aunt is very happy with them.

other than that I don’t know much about them

My wife has a pair and describes them like you were walking on a large spongy mat. I’m not sure if it helps her pain any as she has a chronic condition. She isn’t in more pain at the least. She is happy with them despite their complete lack of fashion sense.

There’s a shop near here, I’m buying these shoes one of these days

If you have bad knees the absolute best shoe you can wear would be the Vibram Five Fingers. Check out the Vibram thread here on T-Nation.