Anybody Who Has Bulked with 800+ Carbs?

Was wondering if anybody has tried bulking with inanely high carbs? What was your experience with this?

I haven’t done it personally, but I know Layne Norton has coached a few people who have gotten leaner around 600g carbs/day. That’s after months of reverse dieting, though. I would assume that if you were to go from 300-400 carbs to 800+, you would definitely put on body fat. That’s 3200 calories from carbs alone! If you’re eating 200g protein along with it, that’s already 4,000 calories with no fats, which is almost impossible, and definitely unhealthy. If you don’t mind putting on some BF then I suppose it would work pretty well, although I know more is not always better, and I don’t know what happens if a person eats 800g/carbs for extended lengths of time. I’m interested to hear if anyone on the forums has an idea of what that would do to a body in the short vs long term.

I’m actually going to apopt a 700+ grams of carbs bulking diet, and will try to go above 800 grams eventually and even 1000 grams.

Follow my thread here, will try to post before and after pictures: Road to 180 kg Bench - #28 by jasanderssen

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Fairly common approach in the 80’s. 30/60/10 macros was the norm. Worked for the bulking side; not so great for the cutting side.

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Had a quick look at your log, will need to train with much higher volume or you will just get fat. Something like 5/3/1 hardgainers template or a Waterbury template with 10x3

Check out joe donnely’s instagram and training -advises very high carb/cals to fuel crazy intense training programs. Something like add this as a finisher to your training…

Yeah I have. Prefer a more moderate approach though around 500 that way I can have some fat haha. Eating that much rice and fish gets old quick.

What’s your current body stats? Unless you’re Dwayne Johnson I can see nothing but fat gain coming from this tactic.