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Anybody Watch Whale Wars?


Who else has seen this show on Animal Planet? And am I the only one who roots for the Japanese whalers? I keep hoping that the whalers get fed up and just launch a torpedo at the ship of the whale wackos.

There was one episode where the captain claimed he got shot by the whalers. It was an obvious hoax to garner public support for their cause.


I don't watch it. I don't agree with the whole premise. What I have caught in a couple different episodes is that the people trying to protect the whales are in way over their head.

This neo-millitant activism is a effed up trend, and I'm bummed to see that Animal Planet both supports and celebrates it.


What grand purpose do whales really serve? Do we need the bones to make implements, or their oil to fuel lamps? I'd call it an obsolete animal and if anyone truly gave a flying fuck about them, they'd be in a huge pen and protected from harm. Of course they'd charge admission to give you the right to pet and swim with them.

Dipshits that play pirate and joust with these huge ships is tilting at windmills, ala Don Quixote. They only serve themselves and a limited TV audience that deserve lobotomies.

I'd call the show 110% staged. Any self respecting Japanese trawler or whatever vessel they choose would blow them out of the water and dispose of the camera crews as well.



That is EXACTLY how I feel about it. I really do hope the whalers just fuck up those hippies' worlds.


Did you see that special about dolphin fins? These dolphin hunters catch the dolphins, cut their fins off while they are still alive and then throw the rest of them back in the water dying in pain. They don't even give them the courtesy of a quick death. I think that sucks. Imagine someone cutting your arms off and then kicking you out of the van and driving off.

I'm not sure how I feel about whalers, never thought a whole bunch about it.


i watch it. i'm all for the protection of animals, and am against whaling in general, but i have to say that these people are the biggest group of idiots on the sea. they can barely keep their own boat working, let alone intimidate the japanesse. did anyone see the one where they got caught in the ice pack and nearly sank?


While I hate how they exploit the whole conflict on TV for money, I think the point of it is the bring the public's attention to whats going on. Without the public's will nothing can really happen. The reason mammals became protected 1972 is because studies and movies were published that illustrated the crazy shit people were actually doing. I think its scary that whales used be incredibly abundant in the ocean but now they're struggling to come back even though they're protected. But the big problem is we don't understand what can happen to the oceans and food-chains when we take something out. Thats whats happening with sharks right now. Shark fins for shark fin soup bring in millions of dollars.

People cut off the fins and leave the sharks to die. The thing is they're doing this at a unsustainable rate, not to mention is a little fucked up. When you take out a keystone predator like that, one that's at the top of the food chain, it trickles down and reaally has the potential to fuck things up. Its what happened with the wolves in Yellowstone.


I thought it was shark finnning

As for whale wars I have mixed feelings about it. I want to see the crew get fucked up. But I do believe that the Japanese need to respect the whale killing free zone that was established and not spout off they are doing research.

Beachguy498 that is so absurd. You want all "obsolete animals" gone. That means animals that are not food sources should be gone, pets and animals in the zoo. That is crazy.


This is exactly what I meant about them being way over their head.


You never here about the killing of whales on the Faroe Island though. This is what gets me because while the Japanese take whales down. You know if the people on the Sea Sheperd went there their shit would get pushed in by the people of the town. It seems hypocritical to me to go soley after te Japanese.

Begin at about the 5 minute mark.


Heh, I saw that one. I thought it was amusing how they just left those two guys, who had no idea what to do, to stop the crack/leak. I was also amused by the episode where they sent out the small boat to attack the whaling ship, but the small boat went the wrong way.


Dolphin fins too?? I never heard of that before... But I heard of people hunting for Shark fin.

Hmmm Shark fin soup....


yeah, that was nice of them. you know it's a bad situation when the camara guy just up and leaves them there. he just set the camara down on a box and left because he thought they were going to sink.

case in point. i really don't know how they've managed to survive this long without a major catastrophe.


I've seen 2 episodes.

I'm for protecting the whales. The Japs aren't fooling anyone with their activities.

But I'm not really for the sensationalism the show displays. Gung-Ho doesn't always accomplish the task at hand.


Of course you are for protecting the whales. You are a hippie. I guess my biggest problems with protecting them is that they are so fat. Couldn't they try the V-diet or something? Maybe that way they could swim faster and not need our protection so much.


OT: I've always wanted to see a blue whale.


I'm hoping you're kidding, because nobody can be this stupid.


hmmm. I wanted to add that I know the nephew of the Sea Shepherds captain (Paul Watson). I went to high school with him and we still hang out every now and again. It seems I may get lynched for it though. Every Sunday he has a bunch of us over to his house for "Whale Wars" parties. For what it's worth, I agree with their right to harass the Japanese boats, but I wouldn't lose any sleep if any of the crew of the Sea Shepherds were violently killed.


Best shit ever.


It is a little thing called google, don't be such a lard ass or they'll start harpooning you.