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Anybody watch TLC Freaky Eaters?


I have tried to watch this show but have never made it through an entire episode just cause its too crazy! In the episodes I failed to complete, the freaky eaters were addicted to eating cheesy potatoes, tartar sauce, couch cushion (yes the inside of a sofa), and corn starch (in powdered form).

When craving something unhealthy, this show will eliminate my appetite !



Saw an episode where this chick would drink 30 cans of coca cola a day. She wasn’t even fat, she was kind of hot actually.


whats wrong with eating just meat? aside from the fact that most of it was processed.


I really LOL’d at the tartar sauce one:


Incredibly hilarious. I refuse to believe this is real.


I like potatos and cheese.
Well, not so much after that clip.

LOL at the woman crying when she saw the brussel sprout.