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Anybody Want Gmail?

pm me, and i’ll send you the invite. include your EMAIL address in the pm. i need it for the invite.

shamrOck, what is it you especially like about gmail? A lot of privacy advocates are up in arms over Google’s privacy policies. Check out http://gmail-is-too-creepy.com/

1 gig of free space can make up for a lot of privacy problems, besides, all free services are not secure, I have a g-mail account, and set it up to try to secure it as much as possible.


TT: well, i just got it some time ago and haven’t really been using it. i don’t really care, it’s just a bs mail account.

No email is really private, so what does it matter. It’s (supposed to be!) just a comp scanning your email for keyowrds for targeted advertising. Unless you’re plotting some gov’t takeover, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. And the ads aren’t that big. I’ve got a couple invites too if shamr0ck runs out.

[quote]Tampa-Terry wrote:
A lot of privacy advocates are up in arms over Google’s privacy policies.[/quote]

You know, if you’re worried that out of the billions of people on this planet, the big bad government and all the multinational corporations are going to be looking at what YOU do… I want to know what the hell you’re doing.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass whether you like donkey porn, or your chihuahua is gay, or you secretly support the Democrats. These agencies and companies don’t have enough time, money, or manpower to go chase every idiot who smokes marijuana and downloads MP3s. They’re worried about the people who are blowing shit up and distributing thousands of pirate CDs.

So if you’re worried about this trend, you’re probably up to something. And while I’m all for you having privacy, I don’t particularly think you deserve privacy to build bombs in a shack.

ok, i ran out of invites. it used to come back again, but i don’t know…

let’s see