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Anybody Using 'PlayOn'?



Anybody subscribe to this?

How do you like it?




How much is it after the two week free trial?


Looks like:






The only thing I miss, really, about not having realtime streaming television is getting sports on game day. Tough to host a gameday party without a game on........


Hell I am downloading and installing.

Have to see, I can actually see it at work.


Have to finish when I get home though.


What's not clear to me from browsing the site and FAQ's is whether it is 'real time' streams or just aggregates archived videos that are available on the different channels' sites, like Hulu.


I watched the little video, looks like it just compiles it all through one source. I also dont know if you download to watch later or its streaming.

Supposedly also can hook it up on the PS3 to network it.