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Anybody Using Ephedra?


I ask because I currently use a combo of caffeine and ephedra as a stimulant for my workouts. Works pretty well too..


caffine and ephedrine work DAMN well as a stimulant for workouts...

use them sparingly as everyday use will burn you out quickly...


Quite a few people on here.


Yep, I stack Vasopro with caffeine. It has some fat burning qualities as well. Like others have said, I don't use it longterm. I basically go to the EC stack when my usual energy supplement loses it punch.


How often do you take either? The dosing of Vasopro indicates every 4 hours. That seems excessive. Also- what other energy supplements do you use?

I also assume you do not have asthma and are using the Vasopro purely for the Ephedrine. Any side effects?


i've never had any side effects....

if im using it as a stimulant...a vasopro & caffine probably an hour or so b4 a work out would be alright.

i normally will use EC for fatloss though any do a 6wk cycle of it...and basically pyrmaid up and then back down the dosages over the 6wks...


how high do you pyramid up the doses?


Currently I'm using the EC stack just for workout energy so I only take the stack once, right before my workout. I should mention that I find I need to take it a solid 30 minutes before my workout otherwise it peaks in stimulation after my workout. It seems to hold its effectiveness as a stimulant for well over 2 hours.

No, I don't have asthma. As far as side effects, the only one that jumps out at me is that it can tend to make me irritable but this seems to subside after I've taken the stack a few times and I've become accustomed to its effects. Depending on how sensitive you are to stimulants, it might be a wise idea to start with 200mg of caffeine and just the 12.5mg of Vasopro.

I have yet to use it for cutting purposes so have yet to use it more than twice in a day. Personally, I'm pretty caffeine tolerant but don't think I could handle taking it every 4 hours. Like I said, start with a low dosage and evaluate things from there. Just be wise and use in moderation.


for me im quite tolerant to stimulants so i'll pyramid the 6 wks something like this:

wk.1 - 200mg caffenie, 25mg eph.
wk.2 - 400mg caff, 50 eph.
wk.3-4 - 600mg caff, 75 eph
wk. 5 - 400caff, 50 eph
wk. 6 - 200caff, 25 eph


Can we assume these dosages are a once per day amount, or spread out in the day? This scheme looks promising to help your body avoid adaptation. How long in-between the 6-week cycles do you wait and what do you think you have gained from doing this? i.e. Better cutting, more energy, etc?



I take it for 2 reasons, the combination between stimulant and appetite suppressant. I wake up take it and do an hour of low intensity cardio on an empty stomach and feel great. Nothing comes close for me.


Where is everyone getting their ephedra? Call me ignorant, but I thought it was banned? I take Claritin-D every now and then, but the psuedo stuff doesn't do crap compared to good ol' Ma Huang.



They're taking ephedrine, you can get it in something called vaso-pro.

It's available at other bbing sites.


This version is ephedrine HCL which is legal.


you're quite tolerant because you take way too much of it...

taking ephedrine to loose weight is a poor decision...just eat a couple of hundred less calories per day and save your adrenal glands for when you need them...

unless you're a serious bodybuilder in the last weeks before a competition, this cycle is excessive...

six weeks of the above cycle and your adrenal glands will be shot to shit...


Call me a shill, but why doesn't everybody just use Spike?


Because Spike and Ephedra are entirely different substances. And Ephedra much more appropriate for fat loss. HOT-ROX on the other hand is geared towards fat loss. But some still do better with Ephedra or prefer it.


It does seem fairly excessive. Is there anything to do to aid adrenal gland recovery? Or just time.


Time off stimulants, no stress and plenty of sleep.


Yeah-that's what I figured. I had a friend who was taking an ECA stack for some time, though. Cy said that Farenheit would not impair the recovery of beta andronergic receptors and help stave off unwanted weight gain while she was readjusting.