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Anybody Used the Shakeweight for Conditioning?


I'm just kidding. But comedian john heffron just made a shake weight certification video. It is absolutely hysterical. I have no idea how to attach videos here, so just check it out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ1Nx8PBptY&feature=youtu.be


no where near hysterical.

actually, i didn't laugh at all.


Didn't even crack a smile.


Wow Heffron's look has really changed. I didn't even recognize him. I used to see him at the comedy clubs in Detroit when he was DJing with Danny Bonaduce. Maybe he should hit a real gym :slight_smile:


I want my 45 seconds back, you son of a bitch.


That guy's a comedian?


damn you guys are all wound up way too tight (atleast, I know thats what imhungry would tell me if I didn't like something that was suppose to be funny).....

I lol'd, Im gonna status it on my facebook


I use the shake weight 3 times a week, HIIT style. I usually do it while balancing on a bosu ball, doing squats. I follow it up with a creatine shake.