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Anybody Used Systemic Enzymes?


Has anybody tried these and if so what kind and to what result? I haven't found much discussion of these on T-Nation, but have read that they are very effective at reducing inflammation and DOMS.



Like this?


wobenzyme - very important to take on empty stomach - seems to help with DOMS...i first found out about them from reading Dr. Johnny Bowden's writings. he highly recommends use of systemic enzymes.


This should be interesting. This is the first time I've heard about them.


Fuzzy Apple: Yes like those, there are many on the market. Vitamin Shop has a few to choose from, but I haven't tried them yet. I read that the Bulgarian weightlifters were using them to recover.

lil_azn: Have you tried them?


still using them. one thing i noticed within first 2 weeks - brown spots i had on my hands & face started to fade. didn't take them for a few days once & noticed that it took much longer to get over soreness.

according to research i've done - the systemics plow thru system looking for 'runaway' protein in places they shouldn't be - the enzymes proceed to break them down - which is why they must be taken on empty stomach. pretty interesting stuff - dr. bowden has a story in one of his books about a pro ball player - a pitcher forgot name - who recovered his pitching arm using systemic enzymes.

fyi - wobenzym runs a bit expensive. i think most research was done using this particular brand.


Awesome, thanks for the info. I think I will give them a shot for a few weeks.


Just a follow up -
I picked up some Wobenzyme and have been taking it since my last post. I have found that it has helped with DOMS very much. Hard training days when I didn't take it soreness was more prevalent. I have taken no Advil for soreness or inflammation during this time after averaging a couple every other day or so at minimum. My digestive track has felt fantastic and in general my body feels great. You do have to take this stuff on an empty stomach though so figure an hour to an hour and a half after eating and then no eating until an hour or so after taking. This 2.5 hour window can be tough sometimes to schedule if you are working and eating regularly trying to put on mass. That's really the only downside and it isn't a huge problem really. I also take it right before bed. Working well and I'm sticking with it.


I noticed same affects with Wob enzyme. I currenty stopped taking it for a month to see if it was just concidence and I started getting achyer(sp). I'm going to start up again this week and see what happens. Just sucks cause it is a little pricey like lil azn said.


What doses have you guys been using and where is the best place to buy from? This sounds very interesting to me as DOMS has always been a factor after squat days with me.


I just grabbed mine at Vitamin Shoppe real quick one day. I take 2-3 pills, 2-3 times per day. The DOMS reduction wasn't as big a factor for me as much as just overall pain reduction.


I have just started looking into systemic enzymes also. In my research I have noticed all most of them are is protein digestive enzymes but taken on an empty stomach instead of with food. I found that Enzymatic Therapy's Mega-Zyme is very similar in enzymes and potency but is about 20% of the cost. I am going to order a bottle of that and try it.