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Anybody Used PRP for Rehab?


So I have an appointment with a Doctor from whom I might get Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.
I've been having tendonitis issues in the left forearm over the past six months that has prevented me from doing a number of exercise (chins, cleans-can't do the catch, etc). I have tried A.R.T. and it was of only limited help. Have any of you tried PRP? What were the results?


Mixed bag, sometimes it can turbocharge the recovery with other soft tissue modalities, ART, Graston, etc, other times it does little. I had one patient that it helped tremendously with her adductor tendon, but did nothing for her achilles and she had 3 injections.

How did you manage your load when receiving ART? Same workout load or less?


That is not good news given that it's going to be rather expensive (the PRP). I am basically not exercising the forearm right now and when I was doing ART, so that's my work-around.


Did you attempt any other interventions for your forearm - therapy, rehab, etc? Or was it just ART and that's it? What tendon is the issue? Is it an epicondylitis? What made this physician jump to PRP?


I have not even seen the physician in question yet. So maybe he will suggest something other than PRP, although he's one of the few physicians who does PRP around here. Well, I did the usual stuff: RICE, and just not putting a lot of stress on the tendons. It was a doctor over on Doug Pendlay's board who suggested that I might want to look into PRP.


If you bring up PRP, the physician will most likely lean towards that as the PRP shot can be quite expensive. IMO, since you haven't even attempted any formal therapy for it yet, I'd recommend doing that first before jumping to PRP, which has very mixed results.

Before even thinking of PRP, wait until you get an actual diagnosis from the doctor.