Anybody Used IGF-LR 3?

I want to hear from people who have used it. Real feed back on how it worked for them. If there is anybody please chime in.

Are you talking about the lookalike peptide that’s sold on the grey market or the actual, real IGF-1 made by a pharma company? Because those are very different things.

Used it, didn’t notice anything. Product was legit, as far as I know. This was a while ago

What I gathe is igf lr3 version is long acting makes it way more effective.

Right, the actual real version of it is probably the most powerful growth enhancer that was ever created. But you’ll never see it. You’ll never meet someone who’s seen it. You’ll never meet someone who met someone who’s seen it.

OTOH, there’s some bullshit peptide out there that’s very much not the real stuff and they sell it anyway. What you’re actually looking for vs what you can realistically get are very different things in this case.

That makes sense thanks for clearing that up bout like buying black market hgh might as well pile up cash and burn it .

Good GH, whether it’s pharma or otherwise, is something that’s worth using depending on your goals. All the other peptides out there? Mostly a waste of money.

I’m getting close to 40 I’ve seen some scary stuff lately from my steroid use abuse from the past ten years. I’ve gotten on a prescribed test and deca script. Looking for something just to help stay lean and maintain I’m 5’10 215lbs 12% bf. Not something you hear often I want to get smaller keep as much strength as possible but loose 10 are so pounds my record breaking days are over.

You can’t be concerned about your health and be taking nandrolone simultaneously. Those two things do not share the same space. If you’re looking for help then GH is a significantly better option than nandrolone.

I’ve always thought deca was a pretty safe steroid taken at 200mg weekly ?

Damaging to heart and blood vessels, more so than testosterone. Not great for your brain. Often causes depression in users (again, because it’s bad for your brain). Sexual dysfunction is always on the table. It’s not a great drug if you care about health. If you want mass and better joints it’s excellent. But don’t expect nandrolone and longevity to go hand-in-hand.