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Anybody Use Precision Nutrition?


I'm wanting to purchase the program. Has anyone here used it and what were the results?


I'm considering making the purchase myself. If you don't get the answer on this post, search. About 50 other people have asked the same question, most give two thumbs up.


it is excellent if you choose to implement the information contained in it. it has everything you need and nothing you don't.

like everything else in life, results will vary, but i guarantee that if you make a serious effort then you will be blown away.

you will also be able to use the system as a tool to tweak your diet constantly regardless of your level of experience. the structure will allow you to become an expert on what works for you and what does not.


It's a good buy. The recipe book is fantastic.


Today is officially my 14th day using PN. So far so good. Unlike some other diets/nutrition plans I have tried, I find that compliance is relatively easy on this diet, which for me is the key. I have tried the VDiet but just can't stick to it. I literally have to force myself to eat enough on PN. My first week I lost 1 full inch from my waist and about 5 pounds of scale weight. I am actually out of town this weekend so I can't take any measurements today. After 4 weeks I'll probably post my results on here and sherdog.


Yes, it is damn good. I am absolutely not a cook. In fact, making soup is complicated for me (seriously). However, I bought a 60 dollar Foreman grill and now grill salmon, chicken, etc. at least a couple of times each day.


My GF got it quite a while ago so I've been able to benefit from it too. A lot of excellent information and the recipes are pretty good too. The homemade protein bar recipes do need a tad of tweaking though :wink: