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Anybody Use Negative-Only Chest Press Machine?

I was so excited to find this machine lurking in my gym Corner. Turns out the foot pedals on the bottom can be used for negative only chest press it extends the machine all the way out anybody ever use a machine like this

Maybe I’m wrong but…

I think the foot pedals are to get the handlebars out as far as you need to to safely start your set. You take your feet off to start doing reps once you have moved the handlebars into a good position to start.

I’ve used a machine like this before (is it Cybex?) and it’s a big deal to a big guy like me. I can load it heavier without having to risk my shoulders from starting from such a “deep” postition.

I hope I’m explaining this right…


You are correct, but I do use the pedals to do forced reps sometimes on machines like this. It’s likely a strong stimulus for my ego hypertrophy…
Anyway, OP, try it and see if you like it. Tacking on a couple negatives with help on the concentric at the end of my sets used to be one of my favorites.

My college had a chest press like this. As others wrote: I used the peddles to get the starting position, rather than to do negative only training.

As negative only training seems silly to me.

I was having a real hard time keeping both shoulders in position and driven into the bench on the regular barbell bench press.

Using a seated machine instead of laying down helped a lot with getting my shoulders back and driven into the bench and my chest “up.”

I didn’t go Negative Only, but I did slow the negative down and focus on keeping tension in chest and tris and off the front of my shoulders.

I say, Go Crazy.

Like @TrainForPain I’ve used it for forced reps before and done so to the point where the positive part was more legs than anything else. I liked it, I felt like it added another level of intensity to the set and could be used instead of another intensity increasing technique.

I don’t have an impressive physique and only did it once so I don’t have much of a leg to stand on in terms of giving advice though.

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