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Anybody Use a Q-Link Device? Thoughts?


What do you think of these products-I'm skeptical,but curious,there are a lot of testimonials from athletes,it is said to prevent/reduce Electromagnetic interference from radio waves,etc.



Shrunken heads ward off evil spirits. I wear one on my workout days to motivate me.


Well,I say I'm skeptical,but I also keep an open mind (yes,I'm a contradiction)
I mean,when you think about it,we are all just a mass of particles held together by energy.we can be affected by radio waves at all different frequencies and it can interfere with and disrupt our cells.It has been well documented.

I don't argue with the thinking behind the development,but I remain a healthy amount of skepticism about whether this works to shield or reduce this interference by acting as a 'tuning fork' for our cells.

There are a hell of a lot of testimonials from top athletes and a lot of studies from different establishments too.Also this isn't new,this site has continued to run for years,and it keeps selling and they even release new designs and improved versions.