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Anybody Try Gironda Steak and Eggs?

Whatsup T-NATION!
Got lean on low carb and no alchohol, like sub 15%. Not lean for many on here but it is what it is. Added carbs back (and beer) added about 15-20lbs back and time to stop the upward trend!

So I’m trying the steak and eggs diet out, a la @T3hPwnisher ‘s random comment in FFconfessional.

I’m on day three and I’ve been eating 1lb ish strips and rib eyes plus 3-4 hard boiled eggs twice a day.

So the info I found says do this for 5 days and day 6 eat what u want. So I was thinking I’d just stick with two meals on the cheat day, hit my 200g protein target, and eat what I’m craving. Could be sweet potatoes could be French fries. I’m hoping a shit ton of fruit and rice sounds good in a couple days, and not just trash.

Does anybody have any good insight on this diet or have u tried it? With the cheat/carb refeed days in particular.

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No insight here, but i am curious about it myself

Following along – interested in what you discover. Stats?

Stats are… I’m around 200lbs at 6’0. Been lifting since 05. Most of my maxes are about 2/3 of what they were when I was 25 lol. I’m 36 and I work 80-100 hour weeks for months straight and flip flop from days to nights frequently. With a shit ton of traveling on a weekly basis.

Can you comment the original post outlining the diet?

Did a quick search and it looks like 6 days of steak and eggs 2x a day, with one “cheat day” for essentially carb loading.

I recall somebody telling me about carb cycling for a good recomp for powerlifitng. I personally couldn’t train sans carbs for a heavy session, but I think steak and eggs would be awesome for non training days, and carb up as I’d like on training days.

Apparently the original steak and eggs didn’t include counting calories, but maybe two steaks a meal would help me catch up on weekly macros. I don’t think I would get as shredded doing this way as if I did it as designed.

I just pieced it together from google. But exactly what u suggested is what I’m doing. Although my overhead press day sucked at day 5 so I’m thinking it’s not going to be ideal for me. Probably give it another week and if my work outs aren’t being sustained sans carbs I may have to re-evaluate. Carb cycling is sounding a lot better to be honest.

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I don’t know how to do the carb cycling and it seems more complex. I can hit macros easier if I eat the same stuff, so it feels like this will complicate things since I gotta extra carb up on training days.

That’s why I was attracted to this diet. I work on the road 12 hour shifts and have a full day of travel 4-12 hours in a day to different job sites once or twice a week. So my time is super limited and if I can take out the guess work and have repeatable meals it’s easier to maintain. Honestly low carb with chicken thighs and salads or stir fry wasn’t bad just had to figure out portions. My problem is when I don’t buy into a set diet I tend to under eat and then gorge.

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Yeah, I like it because I like steak and eggs and both are pretty easy to cook. Eggs reheated is pretty nasty, but I’m sure you can do one big breakfast and one big dinner.

I heard gironda also talked about eating one egg every hour

A few things. Gironda recommended fertile eggs, not infertile ones. Gironda used a method of training primarily to produce growth hormone to stay lean but not many people made long term gains, primariliy he recommended 8 sets of 8 or 6 sets of 6 done with <30 seconds rest to produce lactic acid.

Some people gained muscle for a while, but most went to him with a lot of muscle to get lean.

You can adapt to train on fat instead of carbs. Muscles will start to load with fatty acids instead of glucose and will shift over rather significantly within 2 weeks. At that point, the body makes more enymes to run on fatty acids instead of glucose.


This is one of those “whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right” sort of moments.