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Anybody Tried White Flood / Purple Wraath?


Title pretty much says it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Biotest whore just like everyone else (see my level), but I had a resident of mine trying out Purple Wraath, and he says he is really starting to like it's effects.

He also spoke of White Flood, but he has no experience with it yet.

He got me curious, so I did some research, and there seem to be little talk of side / negative effects.

Anyone want to throw in some commentary or a vote yay/nay?

Or is there one sup from Biotest that blows both out of the water and should reaffirm my belief in Biotest?


They're pretty standard really. Nothing out of the ordinary, moderatly priced.

White Flood is your typical Stim/Arginine blend that Biotest does not have a product for because T-Nation does not believe NO. I have the same belief, but if you would like to try it there is no harm and you'll get a bit of kick from the stims

Purple Wraath is a Beta-alanine/EAA/BCAA/Citrulline Malate blend. The mix is sound and would do alright for intra workout.

Surge Workout Fuel is Biotest's intra blend. Its similar but has added goodies like a carbs and electrolytes. All things being equal, Surge Workout Fuel's combination of Aminos/Carbs/Electrolytes will blow Purple Wraath out of the water. However it is relatively more expensive, but for obvious reasons.

But overall, nothing revolutionary.


Level 0"


white flood is solid from what i hear but the effects wear off in about 2 weeks


Doesn't mean shit. I've made several purchases from the store and it says I'm a level 0. There are a few threads in the tech help section about it I believe.


Shows a L4 to me .........

I've been a L0 always poor me :frowning:


I can say with great confidence that Purple Wraath tastes awful. But I just had 1 sample. Do not want.


I can say with great confidence that Purple Wraath tastes awful. But I just had 1 sample. Do not want.


Clicking his profile shows L4 to me. Mine regularly changes from L4 to L0 and back again.


Overpriced trash IME, I wouldn't stray away from Biotest


What the hell? Yeah, I'm level 4. True Biotest.

Okay, great. Thanks everyone for reaffirming my belief in Biotest. When I finally get some freakin' money, I'll give Workout Fuel a try. Can't wait till the summer.

Special thanks, Invictica. Very informed explanation, I appreciate it.


What the hell? Yeah, I'm Level 4.

Anyways, thanks everyone for reaffirming my belief in Biotest. When I get some freakin' money, I'll get a tub of Workout Fuel. It'll probably be this summer.

Special thanks to Invictica. Very in depth analysis and explanation. I appreciate it.


Weird, your first post on this thread shows level 0 and your last post shows level 4


Yeah, honestly the T-Nation forums could use a fat overhaul. I'm also a web developer, so I see a lot of problems with their site. The levels are just one aspect.