Anybody Tried ROM Machine?

has anybody had occasion to try this wildly expensive piece of equipment, and what were your experiences? The idea of a machine with a flywheel sounds like it could be applied to other movements.(or have flywheels as a fad come and gone and I just missed the trend?) edit-realized that the flywheel question is kind of a knucklehead thing to ask because your average rowing machine contains one.)

$15 thousand? Do you realize you could build the home gym of all home gyms with that type of money?

Edit: And still have plenty of cash left over!

i’ve only seen that thing in sky mall magazine (that alone should tell you how good it probably is). from the picture i would assume that the first time you use it, it actually strips all the skin off of your body and then laughs at you.

Looks like it belongs in a OBGYN office.

Isn’t that one of those ancient Chinese rape chairs?

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Edit: And still have plenty of cash left over![/quote]

hell yeah more money for creamass