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Anybody Tried Red Light Therapy?

Hi friends,

Anyone here have any experience with “red light therapy”.

Not only do they claim it can make your skin look more beautiful, but it helps with testosterone production and joint health.

Anybody here that has tried this treatment?


I assumed we were here to talk about prostitutes.

I’ll see myself out.


I have no firsthand experience with it but some friends of mine, who are husband & wife and in their mid to late 40’s, used it in recent months and raved about how they lost inches, their skin looks better, and the husband’s mood improved as a result. They changed nothing with their diet or lifestyle. Red light therapy has been on my “to try” list for a while.

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I never knew that was what it was called. The ladies there do a great job of explaining things, however I think I’m so far gone in relaxation that I don’t really care to remember what they say to me. However, the ladies there call it laser therapy. Whenever I do derma/spa sessions they’ll put that over the freshly waxed areas, or areas that have just had soft dermabrasion/peels, or in place of dermabrasion since it’s a gentler technique. They told me that it helps reduce inflammation. To which I’m kind of like ehh…I still have to deal with the usual tender skin some days after like usual.

I don’t go very often though. Maybe once or twice every handful of months. Stuff is expensive. So I can’t say I’ve used it enough to really know of or observe any personal long term benefits. I’ve noticed when I do go the couple of fine lines I have above my eyebrows are…less noticeable for some handful of weeks/months when combined with whatever facial treatment I usually do. It doesn’t seem to do much for my acne though. And now I think about it, my sebum production for my face seems to kind of increase considering I’ve got very oily face skin already. I figured that’s not a bad thing since oily skin face skin usually means pretty good cell turnover rates.

That’s all I got though.

Me love you long time…:smirk:


I googled Red Light Therapy and now I’m getting all these Facebook ads for baseball caps with a bunch of red lights in them to regrow hair. That’s all I know about it.


Quite honestly, I’ve never heard of it before. I recently started washing my face with Noxzema, which I used to use when I was in college.

When I told my wife that I am hoping it would make me look younger, because it worked so well back then, she just pointed out how many years have gone by since I was still in college -lol


Haha Hard truth… Meanwhile “Do I look fat in this?” Does not get such honest treatment

I get 100% the opposite. My wife saw a photo from me when I saw 16 and legitimately said:
“I can see why you didn’t get a girl friend until you were 18”.

Thanks babe.

So she tries to keep me looking more weathered and distinguished.

Never heard of it but I would be interested to find out real world results of such a treatment.