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Anybody Tried Protein Cycling?



did anybody try this diet out


and if yes, how did it work out?

If not this diet, does anyone have experience with a low protein diet in purpose of cleaning the body?

I read some articles on the internet and don't know if I should try this because low protein doesn't really make sense.


"DON'T PANIC IF YOU SMOOTH OUT A LITTLE during the low protein phase,the edema resolves after two weeks or so."

Edema? No thanx.


That's always a dangerous start.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

There, I just responded for everyone else. Consider it resolved.


WTF? Thats like cycling my chicken meals? No, no, BIG NO, little no, etc, so on and so forth.


FWIW that article has a 5 star rating. I'm guessing you dudes didn't vote/read it/give a sh*t?


It does sound extremely intriguing.

I've been very open to experimentation this year, but I'm beginning to learn that the only things that work "REALLY WELL" are the extremely well-known, popular methods.

They got this way for a reason. I know you want to think you're the one who can try this 'alternative' method with results that blow away the masses, but for whatever reason, it's usually unrealistic.

I'm not putting you down in any way, I have been in this position and it's how my head likes to work. I want to think more deeply and figure out the 'other way', but it's just not worth it most of the time.

If you DO happen to have the passion for trying new things and are willing to sacrifice whatever you may have to lose (time, money, patience, etc), then I will almost always encourage being the one to try it in order to give the rest of us an opinion. It may suck, nobody can really say, but if you (whoever) do it, YOU can tell us it was a waste of time.

Even if your goals are not realized as they played out in your head, consider this: you may learn something completely unrelated and unexpected that will help you when the experiment is over.

For example, I'm 'experimenting' with the Anabolic Diet. The first month I realized through the necessity of keeping a food log where my diet was PREVIOUSLY falling short when my OPINION sang a different tune.


The protein metabolism discussed in the article, as well as what little I found in articles on kwashiorkor pose some interesting questions.

Let's suppose that you're an adult and chronically low-level protein deprived. (Not a child.) Will you put on some weight through edema, enlarge your liver and start to get fat? (Lots of fat people also suffer from edema.)

Once you're fat, does that put new demands on your muscular system to carry the extra weight? In turn, does that increase protein requirements and exacerbate the low-level protein deprivation?

High protein diets seem to work for many obese people. Are the same mechanisms involved? And is that why the V-diet, which ensures proper protein nutrition, is so successful?

Just wondering...


i drank a shake while riding my bike, does that count?



I don't think so. Its a different concept.


I am sceptic about this method but I have had an experience with low protein diet on my vacation for about 10 days. But that was three years ago. I was in another country and I didn't have the chance to get more than 150g protein per day(I had 230 pounds back then).

Since the place had a gym I was training every second day (Waterbury Program) and for some reason on the 3rd training day I beat all my records.

The only explanation to me was the lower protein. Since everything else was the same.

I will have to do further readings on this before I try the diet without being forced to :). If I do this then I will post my results.

Thx for the replies


This article is very interesting. the only thing i wonder about is why has no one talked about it for the past 10 years, if its so effective...either way its a pretty convincing article none the less and i would really like to try it/hear other people try it.

im on a bulk right now with traditional protein consumption. after i gain another
20-25 lbs with this method i plan on leaning out a bit to about 8-10% bodyfat and then giving this a hard core shot. Let me know what happens if you decide to go through with it minjo.