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Anybody tried MSM with similar results?

I have read that taking 12 grams a day of this stuff is enough to allow certain diabetics to stop using insulin, period.

Apparently, this stuff helps in cell porosity and oxygenation/blood pH stuff. It also helps to build a barrier against pathogens/parasites in the gut.

Personally, I tried MSM for a variety of reasons (joint pain, suspecting a candida overgrowth after christmas-alcohol-binge, lack of energy) and balooned up quickly.

Maybe this could help some of you wishing to push the insulin mechanism to its limits even further.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey, there, Dan!!! Could I throw another twist or spin on what you just said?

My understanding is that sulfur is a COMPONENT OF insulin and that a lack of sulphur can result in low insulin production or cell resistance to insulin which is responsible for high blood sugar and results in diabetes.

So it’s more the fact that a deficiency of sulfur can aggravate insulin insensitivity/resistence, but not that MSM supplementation will improve carbohydrate metabolism or glucose uptake in diabetics.

You’re right that it does increase/improve cell membrane permeability, which is important to ensure that nutrients are delivered into the cell and toxins and other waste products are removed.

Does that fit in a little better with what you read? I think MSM is very much an underutilized, underappreciated supp for those with insulin resistence and for the general population as well!

Guys, there are A LOT of claims about MSM but barely any published data. What’s up with that? Quite curious…


“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Well I don’t know about the diabetic effects, but I did notice very good joint releif and lubrication. After a few years of military road marching and running, I have the joints of an old man. MSM seemed to help quite a bit.


What does MSM stands for? I got some beat up knees and shoulders and could benefit from that stuff. Maybe?



Lost an “L” there, Thunder. :wink:


dan 12 grams of msm will have you shitting your asshole out, literally. it is a known stool softener. don’t believe me, then try just taking half of what you wrote e.g. 6 grams. i promise you, that’ll be the last time you’ll do that.

a reasonable dose is 2-3 grams split up into 2-3 doses with a meal. take 2 grams one day and if all is well try 3 the next, etc. when you reach a dose that gives loose stools, just back off to the dosage that you were ok with. with me 2 grams is good. 3 grams sometimes, depending on what i’ve eaten that day, fucks my shit up… lol hope this helps.

CB: I tried it a couple of times at near these dosages. No loose stools. But gas, yes. Very much.

CB, I take +5g 2 or 3 times a day. MSM is a supp that benefits from starting low and working your way up. It can cause digestive upset if you don’t but won’t if you do. (Did that sentence make any sense?)

5g is a “magical” number. Once you’re worked up to that level, it positively affects mental alertness. It increase the permeability of the cellular membranes in the brain, allowing more glucose to enter. It’s a great little trick on days you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

The LD50 is extremely high. Toxicity is just not an issue.

MSM is a WONDERFUL supp. Sulphur is the primary component of connective tissue structures throughout the body, including joints, skin, hair and nails. MSM has effects upon many biological functions, including the reduction of inflammation, the abnormal cross-linking of collagen, and acts as a very potent antioxidant. Sulphur is in fact a critical component of one the the most important antioxidant / detoxification enzyme systems in the body, glutathione peroxidase. Sulphur is also an effective chelator of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

TT, you’ve said that MSM increases cell permeability, and specifically in the brain, but what about other tissues? Have you seen any data on muscle, fat, heart, and tissues in other organs? Just wondering.


Ryan, it affects all cellular membranes that I know of. I was making a point of the fact that it crosses the blood-brain barrier (which a lot of supps don’t). So yes, MSM helps nutrients enter and wastes leave more efficiently.

Enhancing how efficiently things move in and out isn’t anything you feel, but it sure lends itself to better health and all of us BB types achieving better achieving our goals.

TT: If your posts are always as detailed and intelligent as the ones I read here then…wow…you help to restore my faith in internet forums.

I have also read that MSM was more common or more highly present in food at the beginning of the century, but because of soil leaching, supplementing one`s diet with MSM is almost vital if one wants his produce to deliver its intended real punch.

Just my 2 cents.

Fantastic supplement too. Dirt cheap. Pun partially intended. ;0)