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Anybody Tried Methyl Tren?


Had anybody tried methyl tren before? what was your thoughts on it? as im thinkin of getting some to add to my cycle


Methyl tren, that’s baby shit man, you need DImethyltren.

In all seriousness, stay the fuck away, there was a guy on another site who died on his mtren log! The shit wasn’t used commercially as people trialed with the drug typically showed signs of severe jaundice and liver failure even at very low doses. Why would anyone want to use this shit, it’s poison, people say M1T is poison, well this stuff is ACTUALLY poison, might as well drink a shot of bleach instead of taking mtren, toxicity probably isn’t far off (don’t do either I’m joking)


Mate of mine loves it. Makes him insanely strong but it’s probably ice picking his liver


I’ve heard it can cause visible physique changes within one day of taking it!!! Not sure if that’s true as it sounds far fetched, however it’s seriously strong shit, tren is steroids on steroids, mtren is steroids on steroids on steroids on steroids with a bit of cyanide chucked in… DImethyltren… Wonder if anyone’s actually taken it


I actually had some once but chickened out of taking it.

It was super popular here in the UK for a while. A really well known UK lab was making it.


If you got the connect I strongly suggest Dimethlymercury. Its kinda like tren but a little different.


Yeet, one of the strongest neurotoxins known to man, sounds like a fun ride… Into dementia… And mercury poisoning


What dude! Let me guess your scared of a little bit of mercury. Its actually not that bad for you. Thats why fish eat it. It makes them stronger.

Thats why tuna are so big and strong.


Pffft I’m not scared, why just the other day I was… Wait what am I talking about? I can’t remember.

Ahhhh, yes it’s those DAMN KIDS SKATING ON THE SIDEWALK LIKE a bunch of degenerates rabblerabblerabble


Unless you’re stepping on stage and are at the absolute limits of what you can get out of test, deca, mast, eq, winstrol, anavar, anadrol, dbol, tbol, tren, and superdrol then no, don’t take mtren.


Do even pro bodybuilders use methyl-tren? I can’t see a reason for even the best of the best to need to use it, what can it possibly do that other compounds can’t with less risk. It can probably cause a man to lactate more than any other AAS, I guess that would be cool (jokes)