Anybody tried Meltdown II?

Just wondering whether anyone has tried this program.

Did this program scare everyone off?

I've just completed Week 1 of MD2. I had good success with MD1. MD2 is completly different, no collapsing, wanting to vom or wanting to die. I had a few pracice sessions prior to commencing MD2 and working out my estimated 1RM's.

After 1 week I suspect I may have been a bit too 'safe' with my 1RM for Power Snatch and Power Cleans as I didn't want to damage anything, so will incease some weights for these. This is also due to improving technque.

Don't quote me but I'm quite enjoying MD2 after 1 week! I do 1km on the rower as a brief warm up and MD2 seems to take about 1 hour including setting up the gear.

Diet wise it's T-Dawg with upto 100g CHO.

Anyone else having a go?

Cheers Kiwi.

Back again

If anyone wants some good pics on technique for Power Clean and Power Snatch try these links.

Power Clean: strength/pwrclean.htm

Power Snatch: strength/pwrsntch.htm

Overhead Squat: strength/ovsquat.htm

Hope this helps anyone who is unco as me :-)

cheers kiwi