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Anybody Tried Correct Toes?

Hi friends,

Anyone tried “correct toes”. The idea of these toe spacers are to return your feet to a more “natural” state where your toes are more splayed allowing for better foot function.

I’m thinking of trying them, but they are expensive and would like to hear from other people opinions and experiences first.


Sounds like ultra gimmicky bullshit in my opinion

Do they make you live longer? Will your quality of life drastically improve if your toes are few extra mm apart? Will they shave minutes off your 5k time? Will standing become more optimal?

Maybe I’m just cynical but it just screams fitness market exploitation.

File under Vibram five fingers and that dumbass jaw exercise thingymajig


I used to think it was kind of funny that the toe shoe things were “magical” but I was a moron for wearing flip-flops

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I can’t FREAKING stand stuff between my toes.

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I’m on the fence. I’m also thinking it may be a bit of a gimmick, but ever since changing to barefoot or “barefoot shoes” for 90% of the time I have kind of realised how foot health can have a impact on mobility and quality of movement etc.

So much so, that on the odd occasion when I have to wear “normal” shoes, it only takes me 20 minutes before I have to rip them off.


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I say go for it! Because it’s not my dime. :grin:

I generally wear cheap crappy shoes from Walmart, but my work boots were a couple hundred bucks-and they feel absolutely wonderful all freakin day. Sometimes the right footwear can make all the difference in the world.


If similar things have worked for you, give it a shot!

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I am with ya one this one. I can’t even deal with flip flops.

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I can’t help it. Here’s the kicker… every summer I think I want a new pair of sandals. Uhmmm… yeah. Once I get dirt/ grit on the bottom of my feet, between my foot and the sandals, it’s over!

I am trying to work through this, but have been unsuccessful thus far.


Are these similar to those Vibram 5 finger things that lost a huge class action lawsuit because they did nothing and were a BS gimmick?


Yes and most people who buy those type of shoes will do so in part because of some of the stuff in that original advertising

Not really.

These are just “toe spacers “. Like a plastic brace to keep your toes more spread apart. Apparently our toes weren’t designed to be crammed into narrow shoes.

I’ve been wearing “bearfoot” shoes for sometime now and I don’t think I will ever go back. What do you guys think of “barefoot “ shoes.


Since you asked nicely:

I prefer lightweight, thin sole footwear for any activity that doesn’t require sturdy protection. When I was a distance runner in college, most of us idiots wore thick sole running shoes when training and track/cross country racing shoes with spikes for racing. My calves and the muscles in my feet were disproportionately sore the day after any race.

Our coach ran every day in racing style shoes, minus the spikes. I was a senior when I became less of an idiot and started doing the same. Within a month, the soreness described above was 90% gone. My mechanics improved and I became a better runner. I was in my early 20’s, so I got by with the sudden switch of running 70-80 miles a week in trainers to racers. Now I’m 43, I haven’t run much in at least a dozen years. If anyone who has spent 90+% of his/her life running in thick soled trainers asks me about minimalist style shoes, I advise them to gradually increase the mileage or time in the lightweight shoes while slowly decreasing the use of the heavy trainers. I think the older you are and the more time you’ve spent wearing tanks on your feet, the more important this is. Some people might tell them to “get real.” I guess everybody has their own style?

I wear forestry boots for my job. They’re heavy, tough, and can be worn in the summer or when it’s below 0 Fahrenheit. They have a shank in the sole to disperse weight when wearing tree climbing spurs, chainsaw protection, and a protective toe cap. They’re the right tool for the job, but I wish I could wear something as light the old Nike Zoom Waffle Racers or the older New Balance Minimus.

When lifting, especially squatting or attempting any variation of the Olympic lifts, I wear weightlifting shoes. I have long legs and thighs, but a short torso, so the elevated heel helps a lot. Most “barefoot” type footwear is probably too soft to perform squats or Olympic lifts in, but I haven’t tried them all, so I could be wrong.

I ordered a pair of Xero shoes yesterday and hoping that the wide toe box will be more comfortable than the newer versions of the Minimus. Planning to use them for the two days a week I typically trail run, jog, or sprint from May to October.

I don’t have any experience with the Vibram 5 fingers and I do not think they would work for most people because chances are many of us have at least a couple toes on each foot that will not fit anywhere near the way their shoes are constructed. Too many variables, which would lead to lots of discomfort.


I was really disappointed with the new minimus. Much more narrower than previous versions. I have ordered some vivo”s.

Let me know how the Xeros go.


Do you have old athlete feet?

Like gnarly, over pronated flat feet? With mashed big toes pushed over towards your other toes? And bunions?

Braces or spacers are commonly used to treat that stuff. If you look around a little you should be able to find some kind of product that does the same thing as the Correct Toes for way cheaper. Then try that out for less risk.


There are several knock-off products on Amazon.

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Not sure if I have athletes feet, but I played high level soccer for 15 years. Soccer boots have narrow boxes. My feet look pretty good, and only my pinky toes look to be “inactive “.