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Anybody Train at the Frantz Gym in Aurora?

I’m just getting into powerlifting and noticed this was close to my house. Planned to stop by this weekend, but wanted to see if anybody on here was a member.

a few by association…it’s a good gym regardless.

Let us/me know how it is if you go. There’s also a gym in Montgomery I think: http://jakkedhardcore.com/

I’ve never been to either, but would love to periodically train at a noncommercial gym.

I’m not a member, but my grandparents are in Aurora, so I train there everytime I go see them. It’s pretty awesome, VERY old school.

PLing room downstairs with nothing but Monolifts, Competition Benches, DL platforms, old-ass carpet and chalk dust. Upstairs there are a bunch of VERY old machines, some look handmade. It’s a MUST if you live there.

Also, Frantz is an awesome guy. First time I went there 3 years ago, I was just getting into PLing. I went downstairs and the team was down there. Frantz personally explained to me how to use the mono and let me use the one the team wasn’t on. When I squatted, he gave me cues himself. Awesome.

Sorry for the novel, but it was very influencial in building my passion for PLing.