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Anybody Taken Machine Tooling Technology?

Where you learn how to mill and lathe and stuff? I think I’m going to take intro at a tech school this summer. Thought it sounded fun.

Yes I took a class at the university here where they teach you to use a mill and lathe. It’s pretty fun, although we had to learn a lot about how to do proper part drawings, fastners, etc. Which was not so much fun.

It’s a bit intimidating at first but even the girls picked it up fairly quickly.

You can make some pretty damn precise parts even on manual mills and lathes.

I did in middle school it’s fun stuff.

I never took a class on the actual machining aspect of it. I’ve taken a SolidWorks course, and at my work we manufacture components that the engineering dept designs, and I’ve had plenty off mill and lathe time to just pick up a few things. Taking a course on it would be bad ass though, it’s an awesome skill to have, even if you don’t make a career out of it, it’s still cool to crank something specific to your needs out on a machine like that.

I’m currently in the middle of one this quarter and I have to say it’s pretty fun.

I took a 5-month long machine shop course years ago, did a 4-year Tool and Die apprenticeship as well and have been making machined parts for many years. I was programming CNC horizontal and vertical mills for a while too, but was glad to get out of that.

Its a good trade if you stick with it. You pick up metallurgy skills, get to use math everyday. It keeps you sharp, which is a must to survive in the job market.


Cool, I’m excited about it.

[quote]drewh wrote:
I did in middle school it’s fun stuff.[/quote]

x2 also in high school and also as a freshman intro course in college…

the college course was set up a little differently though… as in much less freedom. It was materials processing… and the class portion was about stress/strain basic mumbo jumbo you’d find in an intro mech E class(can’t really remember is was 3 years ago). Then the lab portion was mostly focused on methods etc… used to makes this hammer and center punch that went in the handle… Every lab class was a different piece.

You will most likely enjoy yourself if you haven’t done this stuff before