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Anybody Still Have Great Libido After Years on TRT?

EDIT: Please specify if you’ve been using hCG or an AI, I’m mostly concerned about loss of libido after years of TRT without hCG or AI.

I keep reading more and more accounts of men who’ve been on TRT for years and have lost pretty much all their libido.

They say they feel great otherwise but their libido, which for the first few months/years was also great, is almost completely gone.

Any idea why that happens? Is there anyone here who’s been on TRT for years who will has great libido?

Without HCG I started to loose libido only after a month after starting TRT. HCG fixed that

Many of my friends especially the younger ones on TRT experience this issue

Some people claim HCG fixes libido because it increases test, others because it increases e2. I think its neither of this and some people just need a bit endogenous production to feel well down there

I’ve been on trt for roughly 30 yrs , started at 13 and now 42 and can honestly say it has been a def roller coaster but I’ve managed to keep my libido intact , my issue has always been anxiety which when I’m dialed in is non existent and libido will be thru the roof . I hated hcg and pretty much have very seldom used an ai .

Going on almost 6 years with TRT only (no hcg and definitely no AI) and libido is as good as it gets. Sometimes twice a day and I’m 46. My wife is 37 and hot AF so that helps also lol


I don’t know about here, but in my world, I would say most.

Personally, I’m going on eight years and yes. And, as @dbossa said, “My wife is…”


@highpull are you a prescribing physician that does TRT? If so, can you email me please?

I think libido is part hormonal and part mind wiring. If you’re dialed in, mind is next in line. Libido was never really an issue, but if you have hormonal imbalance that gives you ED, this can impact libido and if the ED gets resolved, libido is still going to take some time to get traction. Confidence in knowing all is well, adds to libido.
So if ED is an issue get a on cialis daily for a year, and you might notice that when you come off your erections are as strong as pde5 dick. Happened to me. Now I use cialis for prostate health, and my reliance on it for hard ons is gone.

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I’ve been on trt for over 7 years. I’ve never used hcg, and I dropped the AI in January. Libido was always good, but it’s as good as ever now.


I was wondering if insulin resistance has something to do with feeling not amazing on TRT

Yes, great libido and erections. Doing pretty good for a 63 Y/O guy.

Over 8.5 years on TRT. Dose has been gradually increased from about 100mg per week T-cyp to 125mg every 3 days as my standard dose, but currently evaluating 140mg. Don’t feel much difference than 125mg.

Yes, I use HCG at 450 IU E3D on same days as T (1050 IU per week). A bit higher than most guys use, but it feels right for me. No discernible side-effects and I’m not price sensitive.

No I do not use an AI. I played with low dose anastrozole a couple years ago, but I’m convinced I don’t need it with my current protocol.

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Yes, my computer was infected this weekend and I do not have access to my email account. I expect to get it fixed in the next day or two.

So you suggested coming off daily Cialis because erections came back really well. How long did that take after coming off?

Also, you resumed daily Cialis but erections are still as strong as when coming off. Looks like taking a break after it stops is the way to go? Am I missing something?

Yes. I stopped after a year Of Cialis use and was fully dialed in. Things got naturally better. A month into no Cialis, I got back on since I like the way it makes me feel, plus health benefits. It was great knowing that I could have sex without Cialis. That helped with the boost in confidence.

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Right on! Let us know if you have to back off again so we have an idea of how long of daily use can be a problem. So far, looks like one year.

3 years on TRT with great libido on 185-200mg T only.

I’ve not read any accounts (that I can think of) where someone had great libido on TRT and lost it without there being some kind of drastic dosage change or addition of another drug.


Haven’t had libido since about 25. I’m 42 now.

GF is hot AF and has 34DDD hoots.

Still can’t find libido after about 3 years on TRT, but not giving up hope.


Going to need pics to verify. Email in bio


She had them done last February.

the OP specifically requested data after “years” of TRT not days

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So it can be the same mechanism taking more time. For a few friends of mine the same that happened for me after a few weeks happened for them after a few months