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Anybody Seen This Movie ?

I can’t even be sure if its real, i didn’t even notice that was Oldman till the very end.

God help us all.

looks real, I would watch it

Wow, I though this would be fake for sure, but it’s not.

looked fake to me too

I thought it was fake as well. It isn’t too often I’m completely unaware of a movie, even something like this.

The trailer looked really generic, which doesn’t help. It looks like something that would have been made for a cable network and didn’t even go straight-to-DVD.

how do you get those people, at this current time, to do that movie ?

Somebody had dirt on somebody…

Well the movie IS 6 years old…

On the other hand, I could already tell from the trailer that all the drama was going to be way over the top.

[quote]WS4JB wrote:
how do you get those people, at this current time, to do that movie ?

Somebody had dirt on somebody…[/quote]

Lol, yeah something isn’t right about that.

Even 6 years ago Matthew McConaughey was still big deal. He had already done Dazed and Confused, The Wedding Planner and that was the same year How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days came out.

On another note, how did this not kill his career?

Gary Oldham plays a midget?

Now thats acting!

lol jewish midgets

For Kate is was right after Pearl Harbor and Serendipity and right before Underworld and Van Helsing.

I even thought that maybe it was filmed a few years earlier, then held from release because it was so damn awful, but even if it was originally scheduled for release 3 or 4 years earlier then McConaughey was still too big of a star to do something like this.

The only answer, he picked a really weird movie to do, and the script sucked so bad, that even with a decently strong cast, that it’s stank was hidden from the general public by a very limited DVD release, if it wasnt for the internet, then most of us would have never heard of it.

nope, but im sure we all agree with this …