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Anybody Running 100mg E3.5 Days Without Estro Issues?

I know you won’t typically see the guys having absolutely no issues with TRT on the forums, but curious if this scenario exists.

I’ve been running at that dose for about 4 months(200mg/wk, 100mg e3.5) (tbh usually using the overfill in vials as well, (its basically another point on the pin) and at this point I have noticed no estrogen “like” side effects. am I a lucky one or will this creep up on me? getting my first set of follow up labs this week I know thats the true test. but I have also heard of guys attempting that dose for a while and getting issues …chime in! praying I can keep this up because feel great, back to my old self, and have made some great progress.

Sups I take that may have some effect

Ashwaganda, DIm , Reserveratrol

Just to be clear, you’re injecting 200mg twice a week, for a total of 400mg per week? Unless I’m mistaken, that’s pretty well-above a typical TRT dose. That’s at your doctor’s suggestion?

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My mistake, splitting 200mg weekly into 100mg e3.5

All depends on your body. Yes you could definitely run that dosing and not have any e sides. There are some on steroid cycles that do not have issues, everyone is different. Are you not running with a doc? 4 months is a long time to not have labs, at least with just starting/ or starting a new protocol.

thanks for the input. and I’m pretty lean im sure that helps a lot as well.

also I completely agree, I see my doc tomorrow actually and will be having those done . He had seen plenty of labs leading up to starting TRT in the first place and didnt seem to be super concerned with looking at them until I had stabilized completely unless I was having issues.

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