Anybody Run NPP after EQ or Together?

What’s up? Long time reader/lurker first time posting. My stats are

39 year old male



I’d say btwn 6-10% bf more toward the low end

Have done every form of test up to a g pw, deca, NPP, eq, mast, dbol, tbol,winny. Have yet to jump on the tren train mainly due to already complicated sleep problems from sleep apnea but really want to.

This cycle I ran

1-5 tbol@ 60 mg a day

1-10 test E@ 750 per

1-10 eq @ 800 pw (no front load)

Added in masteron week 10@ 100 mg eod

Plan on running the same cycle week 10 to whenever I decide to stop but adding NPP@150 eod and dropping eq round week 16.

I’ve got nolva, arimidex, for if sides pop up but I’ve had literally none with the test eq and mast so far.

Ima also running tb500 and bpc 157 for a bad shoulder rotator cuff tear but after 2 years of it bothering me. I’m 2 weeks Into tb and bpc and my shoulders at least 50% better. This stuff has been a fuckin miracle to me so far!

My workouts are solid 5 days a week. Do a little bit of cardio 20mins a day.

I’m fairly pleased with the eq results as I’m the most ripped I’ve ever been and have put on some great lbm but am wanting more size than it’s giving me. Been on the mast 3 weeks and it’s REALLY starting to shine as I have low bf%. I’ve got some NPP that will be here soon and plan on running it weeks 13- however long I decide to keep blasting. I also b&c just so u know. I have many questions but I’ll start with this one. Has anyone ever ran NPP after eq? I plan on dropping the eq somewhere round week 16-20 and continue to run the test @750, NPP @ 150 eod and keep the mast in at 100eod as well.

So does anyone have experience running NPP immediately after dropping eq after 16 weeks or so. Thx for all the help and millions of forum comments I’ve read over the years. I’ve learned how to use AAS bc of you all.

please post a pic

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Is that good enough? Sry just starting to post instead of just read. I’ve got my bloods as well

I know my chest is lacking bc I’ve got a bad left shoulder preventing me from doing a ton of push exercises and anything over my head. Fuckin sucks but I do my best with what I can

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yes. you look good.

what’s the end goal?

Well I’ve got the base I want now I wanna do my best to keep it that way but add more mass. Why I’m gonna add the NPP in now. I’m 200lbs now but would like to get to 210-215. The gains I made from eq have been solid and I feel will stick bc I have no water weight at all. Only really hold water on dbol

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Why do you want to do this? You said you are liking the EQ. Why drop it instead of adding NPP to it?

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I like all the results it’s given me (super vascular and lean) but I want more mass and it’s just not happening and I’m eating like a damn fat person.

Also keeping an eye on hemocratic as it’s at 48 and worry bout blood getting too thick. Another reason. Why I wanna drop it

what are your macros right now?

To be honest I couldn’t tell u exactly. I know I get 200g of protein for sure everyday and eat at least 4000- 6000 cals a day

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that doesn’t cut it.

If you meticulously track and hit a set daily macro goal for 6 weeks you will begin to see the changes you want without changing your current aas protocol.

protein 400g
carbs 500g
fat 40g

If you begin to gain too fast take away some protein.


Ok cool thx! I’ll start that now and see how it goes

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Ok, so… its not what EQ is or is not giving you, its what YOU are or are not giving yourself. If you are that lean(i cant say from the pic, because honestly, i think you lack size for low BF to look impressive) it means you dont eat enough to bulk and if u dont eat enough to bulk, it means drugs cant do the work.
If you remain similar leanness on your bulks, you can add whatever you want, it wont change the amount of size you get. The amount of size you get depends on caloric surplus and how much of that can be “turned” into a muscle in X amount of time.

Returning to what i said about your size - i believe that if youd just adjust your diet to where you gain a pound a week, and slowly turn to 12-15% bodyfat while doing that, the size will be there. Adding deca to what you do now, wont do anything.
I would always want to see a slight chubs on guys who want size, because getting a bit softer is an indicator you have 100% ENOUGH food. Remaining lean while bulking means you might only be progressing at 10% capacity because we dont know how much calories you are missing. Thats why people usually eat so they get fat, which indicates a guarantee of 100% muscle building capacity. Not gaining fat could mean 90% but it also could mean 10% so its a shit gamble taking into account the fact that you probably will be giving yourself like 20 weeks to make gains, which is not a whole lot, and its much less if you gain at 10% of what could have been.

No, but i have ran it at the same time. I dont get the idea to drop one drug and switch to another. If the total drug dosage remains similar, the change wont be drastic. Unless its a swap from smth like 1g primo to 700mgs of tren, i dont think you will notice a difference.
As the blast goes, and the bigger you get, you ADD stuff. If you add smth but take smth out, whats the point to add the thing? Its the same as just staying one the same ones.

Anyway, my last blast was 1g test, 800 EQ and 700 deca.
I started with NPP but it was 100mgs/ml and doubled the injection volume so fuck that shit.

whoa wtf…
i think by now most scientists have agreed that 0,8-1,2g per pound of protein is enough… 400g of protein for most people who are so skinny as OP is, would just mean lots of farts and shit appetite. I eat 240-250g a day… but sometimes as low as 200… I have tried to bump it up, all i got was fart gains, nothing else. But maybe thats just me.
as far as fats… idk if there is a point to limit fats… when i was eating 7400kcals i had as high as 300 fat and 900 carbs in there. That is not a good ratio, but id say 30% fat is ok… so if its a 4000kcal diet, its like 130g fats.
I think 20% protein, 20-30% fat and rest carbs is a good start.


If tou want to add, add it.
But try different approach with rest on weekends.
I’m doing Monday legs, abs, traps, Wednesday chest and back, Friday shoulders and hands.
Sometimes only shoulders or hands on Friday and second on the Saturday.
Less is more (:slight_smile:

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For natties, yes. One of the largest benefits (by effect) of AAS use is the increased protein synthesis it brings about. There won’t be scientific data to support the claim that “enhanced folks can utilize more than 1.5g/lb BW”, but I’d be willing to bet that as you increase AAS dose - your ability to utilize protein continues to increas (probably not linearly).
^There is no scientific data to support this claim, but anecdotal evidence of human pincushions around the world would support it.

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Gonna ask you to post a physique pic so advice can be taken with a proportionately sized grain of salt.


This is a common misunderstanding.
What AAS do is they make the body utilize the same protein to a better extent. There is a thing as “bioavailability”. Some 10 years back i found a chart or some shit. It basically had % of protein you actually absorb from different protein sources and different ways they were cooked.
So if you eat 200g of protein, you actually get like 120g of actual working aminos. Now when you add AAS to the mix, they extract MORE from the SAME amount of protein and out of 200 you get like 180g worth of aminos.

The idea about AAS and protein was that you actually would need even less, because you utilize much more of it.