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Anybody read the Hard Body Plan?

Looking back to those books I got in high school, I was reading the Mens Health Hard Body Plan.

Several interesting concepts, like 288 carbs daily for 170 lb ‘weight loss man’ and about 3235 calories for a 170 lb ‘weight gain man.’

Is this sort of info just dated, which can’t be, unpopular, anything besides conflicting with anything I read here?

Anyone read this?

Meh, low carbing isn’t the ONLY way to diet, although probably the most effective one. The “weight gain” calories dont see too far off from what CT prescribed in his article about bulking.

If weight loss man was doing two workout sessions a day or an extremely long one, that sort of carbohydrate intake may be justified if he handles carbohydrates better than most people.

Most people do better on half that amount with the rest of the calories being made up with fat and protein to compensate for the lower carbohydrate levels.