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Anybody Racing to 800lb Deadlift


Anybody want to enter the race to 800???


I'll be racing back to taht once my hamstring heals up. haha. Good luck buddy.


I hope your back in the game soon STB. My projected third attempt was 735lbs but as you can see I've accomplished that in the gym. 750lbs is a tentative goal but that may have to go up. Good luck everybody and stay healthy.


crickets sound


I want to be able to do usapl push pull nationals in september. Hopefully I will be back up to 800 by then. PT is going good and I will hopefully be lifting again pain free in a month or so.


WHAT, NO TAKER'S! "Live for nothing or die for something... your call." - Rambo


Let me dominate 700 lbs first and then I'll join.

Not trying to start a pissing contest here -- I've never used a DL suit, how much do you think you get out of it?


I pulled 675lbs raw 10/30/10 at an MSA meet in Ft. Worth, Texas which beat my old world record in the master division, 308lb weight class. The old record was 645lbs which I had just set in August. That placed me at #35 on the Powerlifting Watch Lifter's Rankings for raw deadlifts, 308lb weight class. Based on that, I'd say 40-50lbs.